Shopping for Car Insurance for Your Teen Driver #Compare2Win

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Hello! Today instead of talking about something crafty or my latest recipe I would love to spend a few minutes talking about something even more important ~ teens & driving. Seriously ~ this is the one of the hardest thing I’ve had to worry about since becoming a mom almost 17 years ago. It’s scary! I thought the baby years (with no sleep!) & the wild toddler years(climbing on everything!) were rough but nothing compares to seeing your “baby” behind the wheel of a car. I have enough to worry about right now without worrying about car insurance, too! So I’m also excited to share with you a site ~ ~ where you can get car insurance rates & car insurance comparison from several different companies, all for free & in one spot. That makes it so nice & convenient. 🙂 So keep reading!

Shopping for Car Insurance for Your Teen Driver at #CollectiveBias #shop

shopping for car insurance #Compare2Win #CollectiveBias

See this is the little face (first day of kindergarten!) I see when I watch my son drive! Buuuut I know he has grown into an amazing & responsible young man, but a mom’s job is to worry, right? 😉

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Since we are taking a stroll down Memory Lane. haha! 😉 Check out these pictures of one of his very first driving lessons in the parking lot of the school one evening. He’s grown up a lot since then, too. Why do they grow so fast?

zach driving#Compare2Win #CollectiveBias #cbias

One of my greatest tips about preparing your teen to drive is to give them lots of practice & opportunities to learn all they can before they get their driver’s license. In our state driver’s ed &/or behind the wheel is not required. I think that is crazy! So we enrolled our son in a private driving academy this past spring, and he has two more behind the wheel lessons. Then it will be time to take that big driving test! He’s excited. 🙂

So right now is the time for us to start to compare auto insurance companies & rates. This can be a little bit overwhelming. So I was super happy to find the site ~ This site is one of the first one-stop-shops that helps consumers to quickly search, compare and purchase auto insurance. It saves so much time to compare multiple insurance companies all in on spot. I love that you can pull up your current auto insurance policy & compare the same coverage across several different can insurance companies. That way you can save money by seeing which company offers the best deal for the same amount of coverage. So awesome! 

#Compare2Win #CollectiveBias

This is a totally free service! You’ll feel no pressure to buy, & everything seems to be really transparent. It was super easy to use. First I entered my zip code, then enter my name & address. Somehow it was able to pull up all of our information. It had both of our cars listed, my name, my husband’s & my son was already there. It also had our amount of insurance coverage, too. So with a few simple clicks I was able to see my quotes from several different insurance companies.

car insurance quotes #Compare2Win #CollectiveBias

You can purchase right there on the site, or you can talk to an insurance agent from one of the specific auto insurance companies your are interested in.

The site also had some other great resources for consumers. I loved the Auto Insurance 101 area. Tons of great information can be found there. It also has reviews of their site that you can read, news, their mission & information on all the different car insurance carriers that your can find on their site.

auto insurance 101 #Compare2Win #CollectiveBias

So now I have a little bit more piece of mind when it comes to the auto insurance part of this! haha! Now if I could just felt a little bit better about the driving part. That probably won’t come until he is 99!! 😉 Oh how I love this kiddo! He’s amazing! 🙂

comparing auto insurance rats for teen driving #Compare2Win #CollectiveBias

teens & car insurance #Compare2Win #CollectiveBias

shopping for car insurance #Compare2Win #CollectiveBias

As of right now only individuals located in the following states will be able to have full functionality on the site ~ Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi.

So if you live in one of those states remember to visit the next time you are shopping for car insurance. Currently you can compare quotes from up to six top national carriers: Progressive, Travelers, Esurance, 21st Century, The General and Safeco. So get to comparing! 😉

You can keep in touch with on facebook & twitter.

Annnd if you have any teenage driving advice for me ~ I’d love to hear it! 🙂

Shopping for Car Insurance for Your Teen Driver at #CollectiveBias #shop
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