Natalie from Johnny in a Dress is one of my new crafting, blogging buddies. 
I met her since I started my craft blog & LOVE her!!!
Oh my goodness!  She has the cutest style & the most fabulous ideas. 
You should totally check out her new craft/play room.!  Seriously! 
{Plus her kiddos are super adorable.}  Thank you so much for helping me celebrate, Natalie!
Hey Ginger Snap Craft readers!
It’s me, Natalie, from Johnny In A Dress, you know, the girl who spray painted a sofa!
When Ginger asked me to help her celebrate 1,000 followers I was thrilled!
I LOVE Ginger and her super awesome craftiness!
She is AMAZING, but you totally already knew that, right?!
Today I want to share with you some fun tutorials we will be sharing over at Johnny In A Dress!
Yep that’s right.
I am giving Ginger Snap Craft readers a little sneaky peeky (Shhhh!)!
{Pumpkins} JIAD Style!
This tutorial actually went live last week (oopsies)!

…Ok, here are the REAL sneak peeks!
Isn’t this Ruffled Pumpkin Applique sooo cutie?!
You can make one for your little one soon! 
This Burlap Garland screams FALL!
You can learn how to make your own too!
Gotta love a Fall Wreath!
And I cant wait to show you fun, simple ways to make your house super cute and fun for Fall!
There you have it!
A super secret sneak peek at what is coming up on Johnny In A Dress!
(Don’t tell anyone!)
Ginger is sooo awesome and you read her blog, so that means you MUST be awesome too!
I would love for you to stop by Johnny In A Dress and join in on the crafty fun!
Congratulations on 1,000 followers Ginger!
You are awesome!
Thank you so much for inviting me to help you celebrate this wonderful milestone!

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