Spirit Riding Free Inspired Mom & Daughter Breakfast Date

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Good morning! March is here, buuuut unfortunately spring is not. We are getting snowed in as I am typing this! Sometimes I have to get a little bit creative to help my kiddos have a little fun when we can’t go outside, & we need something to do! Last week I had a fun mom & daughter date with my youngest daughter. We had a yummy breakfast with Eggos & Reddi-Wip, had some fun coloring activities planned & watched the cute Netflix series, Spirit Riding Free. Have you seen it yet? It’s so cute! It’s a spin-off of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Remember that one? It’s a show about how to empower your daughters, teaches friendship & loyalty & of course, has lots of horses!!! Let me show you what we did! 🙂

I love having special one on one time with my kiddos. With 5 kids, sometimes it’s hard to find those special one on one moments. Buuuut it is so important to do that! 🙂 I’m so glad my daughter & I had this time to share together. First, we headed to Walmart to pick up some goodies for our recipe. We love creating fun recipes together. We grabbed some Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles & Reddi-Wip, strawberries & syrup. We always have Eggo waffles in our freezer. They are warm, fluffy & so delicious! My kiddos love having them for breakfast or even as a snack! They toast up into a delicious golden crisp in just a few minutes in the toaster! Of course, they are always better with Reddi-Wip on top. Reddi-Wip uses the BEST dairy cream in all of their original flavors, AND they also have a high-quality (& yummy!) non-dairy coconut cream variety. We took some home to try out, & we were pleasantly surprised. It was very good! 🙂

We brought everything home, and actually turned on an episode of Spirit Riding Free while we worked together. 🙂

First, we made some strawberry shortcake waffles. Yum! Let me show you how! 🙂 First, toast your Eggo waffles in the toaster.

Then top with Reddi-Wip.

Add some sliced strawberries. 🙂

Drizzle with syrup.

Here’s our finished product! Yum! 🙂

To make it a little fancier, we made some horse inspired place cards. We even made one for my oldest daughter, Cailey. I just used some scrapbook paper circles & cut out a horse & added our names with vinyl. Super cute!

Ta-da! Time to enjoy!

We also printed out some Spirit Riding Free coloring sheets to color together.

We really enjoyed coloring together. 🙂

Then we ate & watched Spirit Riding Free together. 🙂 If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about a little girl, Lucky who moves to Texas from the city. She ends up bonding with a stallion (who happens to be the offspring of the original Spirit & Rain). She is also friends with two other girls, Pru & Abigail & their horses. Each episode shares a new adventure for the three friends & their horses. You find all seven seasons over on Netflix. Let me know if you check it out! My daughter (& me!) really love the whole series. It’s a must see, if you have daughters! :) 

Don’t forget you can find Spirit Riding Free inspired slumber parties invites, mazes, scavenger hunts, bingo, crafts & more by clicking here. Let me know if you try some out in the comments below. I’d love to hear! 🙂 What do you do when you want one on one time with your kiddos? I’d love to hear your ideas on that as well. 🙂

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