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Hello! Happy Friday! It’s homecoming for us today. We can’t wait for the parade this afternoon & the big football game tonight. Go Hawks! 😉 It’s also a week from Halloween, & I have been on a roll lately with easy Halloween gift ideas! ha! 😉 Annnnnd this Spooky Treat Jar is super easy to do as well with some help from the brand new Fiskars Duck® Edition Scissors. These scissors are made to work with sticky material like Duck® Tape. I love that they don’t get sticky & gummy! They are awesome. So keep reading to see how I made this easy craft. 🙂

Spooky Candy Jar at #ducktape #fiskars #tutorial


You’ll need a few supplies for this project:
glass jar
black Duck® Tape
Fiskars Duck® Edition 8in. Scissors
Fiskars Duck® Edition 5in. Scissors
candy 🙂

Fiskars Duck Edition scissors

The scissors are amazing! They are the perfect choice for cutting Duck® Tape & really ANY sticky material. No more sticky scissors! Yay! 🙂 They are also made out of stainless steel & have nice soft grip handles.

duck tape non stick scissors

The bigger ones are perfect for cutting longer pieces & strips. The smaller ones are perfect for smaller precision cuts. They are the ones I used for this project. 🙂

cutting duck tape

They were perfect for cutting out the triangle eyes & nose & then the funny little mouth. They were great, and they weren’t sticky at all when I was finished. 😉

spooky face with duck tape

Then all you have left to do is fill your jar with some Halloween candy. I’m kind of obsessed with these! Yum! #myfavoriteHalloweencandy 🙂

#halloween #craft

Then I added a bow with just a little bit of tulle. Isn’t that the cutest spooky face you’ve ever seen? I kind of love it! 🙂

candy jar

Do you have a favorite Halloween candy?
Do you have a favorite Halloween craft idea?
I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below.

Halloween craft idea

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Enjoy a few more easy Halloween gift ideas. 🙂
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Halloween Treat Boxes at #wermemorykeepers #lifestylestudios
Spooky Candy Jar at #ducktape #fiskars #tutorial

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