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This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you looking for a little help this summer with your cell phone bill?

Have you been searching for a low cost cell phone plan for your family?

Do you need an easy & inexpensive way to stay in touch with your kiddos?

Have you struggled in the past to find a cell phone company that fits your family’s needs?

{TracFone is here to help!}


Our family has used TracFone for the past year.

We have the Family Value Plan. {Love it!}

We have 3 phones on the plan & each month pay around $25.00.  {Wahoo!}

I have a phone, my oldest son {the teenager!} has his own phone &

then we have what we call the “check out phone”.


If the kiddos go to a friend’s house, attend sports practice or are out in the neighborhood riding their bikes

they “check out” this phone & then when they get home they have to check the phone back in to me.

{So that’s how it got it’s name!}

It makes it so easy to keep tabs on everyone!


That’s it!  No monthly contracts, no credit checks, no cancelations fees & no activation fees!

All of our phones are double minutes for life which means

all of our added minutes are automatically doubled each month.

TracFone is definitely the easiest & less expensive way to have a cell phone in America!

If you have a TracFone I’d highly recommend using their facebook online support

{I’ve used them several times!  Love them!  So helpful! It’s much better than having to call someone.}


We just use their simple slider phones, but at TracFone they carry everything from

the simple “candy bar” phones to “Smart” phones & everything in between.

{You’re sure to find a phone you love.}

Don’t take my word on it!

Check out this video from some real TracFone customers:

Want to see more? Visit this link to view so many features of TracFone.

You can’t beat TracFone for price & reliability

TracFone is great value for our busy family! 

{Thank you, TracFone!}



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