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Hello everyone! I am pleased to meet you! My name is Cheryl and I live over at That’s What {Che} Said… I say lots of things about lots of things including Crafts, DIY, Photography, Recipes, my kids, life and my political views on Global Warming…OK maybe not that last one but you get the idea! Right now I am working on a 25 Days of Christmas Series on my blog! Everyone is invited over! I love meeting new friends! I want to say a big THANK YOU to Ginger for letting me come and spend Christmas Break with her! I love her blog and read it daily so I am super stoked to be here to share my tutorial for Frosted Luminary Wine Bottles with you!   Look at these cute little numbers!

These make great hostess gifts! It is a ton of work to host for the holidays, even just hosting out of town guests. How fun would it be to bring your “hostess with the mostess” a token of your gratitude? You can certainly do that with these cute bottles! Items Needed:

  • Glass wine bottle with cork
  • 1 set of mini Christmas lights 20 count, white cord
  • 1 can of Krylon Frost Spray Paint
  • Scrapbooking letters (or Silhouette/Cricut if you have one)
  • Ribbon
  • knife

1. Start by removing your labels from your bottle. The best method I have found is to remove all paper or plastic labels and then soak in hot, soapy water for a few hours. I leave it in the sink and forget about them. When the water is cold, use the back of a butter knife to scrape off the goo. You can also use Goo Gone. 2. Decide what style you prefer. I did a bottle in both methods so you make a better decision! You can add stickers before you frost the bottle (Monogram S version) to leave clear glass design, or you can add stickers after you spray (JOY version) 3. If choosing to do the Monogram style, simply place your sticker on your bottle how you like. You can also do this method with whole words as well! (Snow, Cheer, Joy, Noel, etc.)

4. Next spray your bottles in a well ventilated area. Spray about 10-12 inches from your bottles using even strokes back and forth.

5. Let dry for about 5 minutes and carefully remove any of the stickers you placed before spraying. I used an Xacto knife to help me get the corner free without scratching the frosting. Remove sticker.

6. If you choose the “sticker after” method (JOY bottle), then once your bottle is dry, sticker away! 7. To top your bottle, use a sharp knife, cut a notch out of the cork from the bottle. This is where the cord from the lights will fit out of the bottle when you put the cork back into the bottle.


8. Insert the lights carefully one by one. (light bulb pointed down. If you send the light bulbs in pointed up then it makes it hard to take the lights out if you need to reposition them.)

Bring cord out top of bottle and insert cork. Finish with ribbon bow!

If you choose to Monogram your bottle with your hostess’ last name initial, they can remove the bow and keep it all year round! They look great on top of your kitchen cabinets!





Thanks again Ginger! I loved spending break with you all and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!
And That’s What Che Said…

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