ticket chores {a fun way to get the chores done}

ticket chore jar

I showed you our chore sticks last year about this time.
The kiddos are getting pretty good at doing their personal chores~
making their bed, cleaning their rooms & picking up after themselves.
Buuut this summer with all the kiddos home I needed a little help getting the
big chores done each day…dishes, bathrooms, picking up the living room, etc.
So I came up with this fun idea….ticket chores!  Here’s how it works.

ticket punches die from Lifestyle Crafts

To make my tickets I used these ticket punches dies from Lifestyle Crafts.
I cut them out using my Epic Six.  You can find the tutorial {here}.
{You could also buy tickets at Walmart or Target or make your own.}

ticket jar  ticket jar 1

After I cut out all our tickets I put them in our big ticket jar.

ticket chore chart  ticket chores

Then I made a list of our {ticket chores}. 
Each chore is worth a certain number of tickets.
When they do a chore from the list they earn that many tickets.

ticket jar kid's jars

Each kiddo has their own smaller jar to keep their tickets in as they earn them.


Once a month we have a {ticket store}~
{which is basically a bunch a stuff from the $1 spot at Walmart & Target!}
Each item is priced with how many tickets it is worth. 
So each kid takes a turn “spending” their tickets.

ticket store

My kids LOVE this, & I love the extra help getting the chores done! Smile

ticket store 2

My friend, Crystal, from A Pumpkin & a Princess
is sharing her Ticket Chore Jar today over on her blog. 
So pop over {HERE} & check out her fun way to get the chores done.

Remember if you visit  Lifestyle Crafts you can use
the code GINGER for 20% off your purchase.


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Disclosure:  I was given Lifestyle Craft product to try out.  As always all opinions are my own.

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