This easy Tin Can Ghost tutorial was first seen over on Eighteen 25.
I was so excited to participate in Spooktacular September last month.

I shared these easy Tin Can Ghosts with a free printable. Eek! When I think of Halloween crafts two things come to mind. They need to be simple, & they need to be something my kiddos can make with me. That is why I love these! So keep reading, & I’ll show you how I put them together.
You’ll need a few supplies:

tin cans (washed & dried)
white spray paint
wiggly eyes
this printable
Halloween paper
white card stock
mini hole punch

I friend of mine gave me this handy can opener. It removes the lid without cutting it. So you can put the lid right back on if you’d like. I used it to take off the lids of my cans.
After I washed & dried out the cans & lids I spray painted them white. Let dry.
Then I added a spooky face with wiggly eyes & a Sharpie.
Next I printed out this printable onto white card stock paper.
You can also right click & save & size as needed.
Then I cut them out & glued them onto some Halloween paper making some hang tags.
Next I filled my tin can with shred.
Annnnd then I added some candy! 😉
Finally, I punched a hole in the corner of my hang tag,
& then I tie it around my tin can with some twine & a bow.
If you’d like to you can just pop the lid right back on.
This way you don’t have to worry about your candy falling out!
It looks cute either way though!
These make a sweet gift to give to a friend, neighbor or teacher. 🙂
For more simple ideas for Halloween check out this post!
Have you ever made anything out of a tin can?
I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below! 🙂

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