Twiddler House {perfect gift for your little super hero}

Merry Christmas!  My name’s Jen and I post over at Twiddler House.  I just want to say I am SO excited to be posting here at Ginger Snap Crafts today.  I can’t wait to see all the Christmas fun she has lined up.  What a great way for us all to share our favorite Christmas ideas! I am pretty excited about my boys Christmas gift this year.  They are right at the age where their imaginations are taking off, and they want to be Superman, Wolverine, or “Luke Jedi” every day.  So this year we are helping their imaginations run wild with…The Hero Box. I started off by taking a plain, blue plastic tub and jazzing up with a little vinyl lettering and some superhero symbols. I thought since the thing is going to be out in plain sight in their room, it might as well look nice. 😉

The box will be their “main” gift from Mom & Dad, but it’s what’s inside that makes it really special…

Everything an aspiring hero needs!  By mixing and matching some homemade gifts with some store-bought (and even some Etsy finds!) we have put together enough costumes for them to be all their favorite characters.  They are going to flip!

First up, The Flash.  I made this simple t-shirt “costume” in a size big enough for them to slip over their regular clothes.  It’s just fabric paint, stenciled on using the freezer paper method.  Once they slip it on, they will become “the fastest man alive!”

Then there are these adorable masks and cuffs I found from Princess Emporium on Etsy.  How cute are these?!  Her stuff was not only great looking, but she had just the right heroes on her list for us.  And her prices were great!  We ended up getting Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine and Captain America. Score!

Of course, Captain America will need his shield.  This is one of our store-bought items, which we splurged on because their cousin has one, and it is the FAVORITE thing to play with when we visit them.  Can’t wait to see their faces when they see this!

Naturally, we couldn’t leave out the Star Wars characters.  I made two Jedi cloaks using the tutorial here, just shrunk down a bit to fit a pint-size Jedi.  Our biggest splurge was the Darth Vader and Clone Trooper masks.  The ones that talk!  I’m pretty sure they are going to wear these in their sleep. Combined with the accessories they already have (a Green Lantern costume left over from Halloween, Superman and Batman capes, and cowboy hats with nerf guns in holsters) they will now be able to dress up as at least 14 different “guys.”  Little hero heaven. And, just to put the whole thing over the top (and hopefully win me that “coolest mom” award I’ve been working toward) I went ahead and threw in a little something for our very best buddies, George and Mickey…

Meet Super George and Mickyman!  Now their favorite friends can fight crime right along with them.  And my little heroes are going to be SO excited that George and Mickey get their own Christmas presents, too. So there you have it!  The Hero Box.  I can’t wait for Christmas morning!  I predict there will be a lot of jumping, flying, laser-eye shooting, and light-saber fighting at my house for the foreseeable future. If your day ever needs saving, you know who to call.

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