Have you heard
of the new website whoopdwhoop?
It is seriously addicting
& it’s free!!!!

1. You list your creations.
2.Earn whoops.
3.Trade whoops.
4. Get stuff.

So far we’ve traded our whoops for these awesome swaps!

(I say “we” because my kiddos love to spend my whoops!)
Cara got this adorable crayon roll from Sky.

Cailey got this beautiful necklace from Candice
& my sister, Ally’s little soon-to-be-born princess
is getting these adorable booties from Sophie.
(Surprise, Ally!!) 🙂

We’ve got a few swaps on the way!

(Don’t you love getting little surprises in the mail!!??)
Rylan is patiently waiting for
this cute tooth fairy bag by MoSewsIt
for his very, very, very loose tooth.
(Hope it makes it in time!) 🙂

Cailey has ordered her another necklace.
This one is by Cindy Dowdle-Schoen.
And finally, me,
(yes, I actually used some of
my whoops to swap something for me!)
I’m getting a personalized necklace
Yes, I will be blogging about this one
some more when I get it.
I am so excited!!!! 🙂
Go sign up!!!
What are you waiting on?
You can post any items you make yourself.
It can be photography, art, jewelry,
handmade items, paper crafts, etc.

If you use this link below
it will help me earn more whoops!!!!

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