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Good morning! It’s Halloween! Eek! I have a ton to do! ha! How about you? Buuuuut I just wanted to pop in really quick to let you know that I’m sharing an easy Wood Slice Wreath tutorial over on the Life Storage blog today. So please pop on over & take a peak at this trendy & oh so easy craft!

mine Wood Slice Wreath tutorial #gingersnapcrafts #woodslice #wreath

800 wood slice wreath

This is a great craft to tackle this time of year when everyone is so busy because literally in 30 minutes you can have this whole wreath put together. The only hard part is waiting on the glue to dry. haha!

wood slice wreath

This wreath would look great on your front door or as part of the winter décor inside your home. 🙂 See how to make one right {HERE}.

While you are over on the Life Storage blog, you can check out some of my favorite projects. I’m still loving these cedar window boxes! My summer flowers are getting switched out to pansies this week. I’ll update with pictures & a DIY Shutter tutorial in a few weeks. They’ll look amazing together!


You can also see my huge DIY Storage Bench tutorial! I am in love with this bench! My daughter’s friend’s Dad (Did you get all that?) stopped by to pick her up a few weeks ago after a playdate. He said I saw that bench on Pinterest! ha! I got a pretty big kick out of that! 😉


Annnnd you don’t want to miss this Farmhouse Picnic Table tutorial. Right now this table is full of pumpkins waiting to be carved this evening. My kiddos can’t wait! Annnnd I’m super happy that we have a spot outside for them to carve their pumpkins on. I don’t want pumpkin guts in the house. Ha!


Annnnd if you’d like to see more wood slice wreath projects, click the picture below!

10 Amazing Wood Slice Projects at #woodslice #crafts_thumb[3]

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Annnnnd I’ll see you back here on Tuesday! 🙂
Be sure to check out Life Storage for TONS of awesome tutorials & ideas.

mine Wood Slice Wreath tutorial #gingersnapcrafts #woodslice #wreath

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