10 Free Things to do in Northwest Arkansas

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I am so excited to be partnering with CORT Furniture Rental to share 10 Free Things to Do in Northwest Arkansas! I have to admit when my hubby came to me 10 years ago & told me that there was an job opening in Northwest Arkansas, I was like Northwest where???  I had no clue what to expect! We drove up one weekend to take a look, and our family immediately fell in love with the area. We decided it would be the perfect place to raise our family! We moved here that summer. We live right in the middle of the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We have all 4 seasons. Fall & spring are both beautiful. Summer is not too hot, and we do get some snow in the winter. So fun! I LOVE where we live. We love it so much that we are planning on moving to new home soon right down the road. I will fill you in on all the details very soon. Annnnnd if you are thinking about moving here, even better! Let me tell you more!
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We live in a very versatile society. A lot of us have jobs that are based online (like me!), so we can pick up & move more easily than ever before. We don’t necessarily have to be tied down to one place. We can try new cities or new jobs or new areas. CORT Furniture Rental can help with that! If you haven’t heard of CORT before, let me tell you more. CORT is the national industry leader in the furniture rental space. If you are planning a move soon, CORT can help you set up your new place. CORT provides furniture exactly when you need it. Annnnd when you no longer need it, no problem, CORT will take care of that, too. You don’t have to worry about moving across the country & storing or selling your furniture just to buy new furniture when you get there. Trust me! I’ve done that, and it’s no fun! ha! No more worrying about getting a huge rental truck or moving company to drag your bedroom furniture from one place to the next. CORT makes it so easy! CORT has many locations across the country. I have one a few hours away in Tulsa, Oklahoma & another one in Memphis, Tennessee. Be sure to look them up when you plan your next big move!

Here we go! My top ten list of things to do for FREE! 

1. Crystal Bridges Museum of Art ~ Crystal Bridges has been open for several years now near downtown Bentonville, Arkansas.
It is beautiful! Crystal Bridges is one of the best museums in the country! Annnnd it’s totally FREE to get in!  It’s one of our favorite places to go. There are miles of beautiful trails on the grounds & once you are inside be sure to check out the giant Pinocchio statue. Your kiddos will love it!

My mom & I took 8 grand kids there one summer!  Yes, we were brave! ha!

2. Beaver Lake ~ Beaver Lake is HUGE, and one of the top attractions in the area!  You can find lots to do from swimming, boating, skiing, fishing & even scuba diving! In the winter you can take an Eagle Cruise & spot bald eagles. (This does cost a little bit, but it is so worth it!)

3. Lawrence Plaza ~ The city of Bentonville, Arkansas has a wonderful splash park downtown which doubles as an ice skating rink in the winter. The splash park is FREE, but you do have to pay a little to skate in the winter.

They also sell the BEST sno-cones there in the summer for just a $1!  YUM!

Annnnd check out a different kind of ice in the winter! ha! 🙂
4. Walton 5-10 ~ In downtown Bentonville, you can also visit the recently remodeled Walton 5-10. Admission is free. They have tons of interactive exhibits, and they do have a small café where you can grab an ice cream cone or soda.

5. Tanyard Creek ~ Tanyard Creek is located just north of Bentonville, Arkansas is the sleepy community of Bella Vista. We love to visit Tanyard Creek all year long. It has waterfalls, trails, caves & a cool swinging bridge. My kiddos love to spend hours here playing in the cool water in the summer, and fall is the perfect time to stop by & take family pictures. The colors on the trees will be amazing!

6. Hobbs State Park ~ Hobbs State Park Visitor Center is east of Rogers, Arkansas. It has displays of all things native to this part of Arkansas.You can usually see live animals here, too! My kids love checking out the turtles & snakes. They have classrooms & special programs for the kiddos. They even have a Mother Nature story time each month. My favorite part of Hobbs State Park is Historic Van Winkle Hollow Trail. When we first came to Arkansas to visit this was one of the first places we stopped. It is still one of my favorite places to go.Van Winkle Hollow was once a thriving sawmill & residence. The trail is mostly paved & stroller friendly. It’s great for the smaller kids & big ones, too. Sometimes they have guided walking tours with the park ranger! You can see some garden stairs that were built before the Civil War.

7. War Eagle Mill ~ War Eagle Mill is a fun place to visit as well.  It’s a great place to take pictures, too. Every October they hold a huge craft fair here! It’s a must see! Here’s my mom & kiddos on the bridge just across from the mill.

8. Roaring River State Park ~ This one is technically not in Arkansas. 😉 It’s just over the border in Missouri. Buuut if you are up this way…you can’t miss it!  It has one of the largest natural springs in Missouri.You can see the water coming right out of the side of the mountain. It also has a fish hatchery. My kiddos love feeding the fish. For $0.25, you can buy a handful of fish food. Those fish LOVE to eat! Roaring River State Park also has camping, fishing, tubing, hiking, swimming & lots of playgrounds.

9. Lake Atalanta City Park ~ This park is located near downtown Rogers, Arkansas.
During the summer this is my kiddos favorite park to visit! It’s one of the oldest parks in town, and recently Lake Atalanta got a complete makeover.  You can find lots of swings & slides & a giant tree house. My kids LOVE to play in the stream that runs right through the park. You can also follow a paved trail that goes all the way around the lake.

It’s also a great place to catch tadpoles! It has become a tradition to raise a few tadpoles each summer.

10. Razorback Regional Greenway ~ You will find over 36 miles of trails that connect Fayetteville, Arkansas through Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville & finally Bella Vista, Arkansas. It’s a great place for running, biking, walking & seeing some of the beautiful scenery of Northwest Arkansas.

I hoped you enjoyed seeing some of the things we love to do! It was hard to narrow it down to just 10…Northwest Arkansas is a very family friendly place to live! You can always find lots of fun & FREE things to do & explore! Before your next move (wherever that may be!), I hope that you’ll be sure to check out CORT to see if they have a location in your new area. CORT is a place where you can rent furniture for your new home. They are there to make moving easier & more convenient. CORT makes moving a lot less of a hassle, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your new surroundings! Where do you live? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Would you stay where you’re at or would you go somewhere new? I’d love to hear in comments below. Share away! 😉

10 Free Things to Do in Northwest Arkansas at GingerSnapCrafts.com #northwestarkansas #ad

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