15 Family Friendly Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon

Good morning! Just over a week ago we were rolling into our driveway from the most amazing road trip ever! Eek! It was so much fun! We decided to do our big family vacation during spring break this year since my oldest son is graduating & won’t be around long this summer before heading off on his mission for our church. I know lots of you are probably planning your summer vacations right now. So I’d thought I’d share 15 family friendly tips for visiting the Grand Canyon! So let’s get started! 🙂

Family Friendly Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon at GingerSnapCrafts.com #grandcanyon #roadtrip #family


My amazing kiddos helped me with this post! I picked their brains for all their tips, fun places to see, things to do (things to watch out for!) & my oldest even took most of the pictures for this post!


1. The first thing they wanted me to tell you is that there is NO wi-fi at the park or at the park hotels! Eek! I know that is so terrible! ha! 😉 They do have a few hot spots here & there, but we were never able to get a super good connection. I think I did managed to get one instagram post out one morning! For me this was a huge plus. It was really amazing to just have each other to talk to. Annnnd we all survived. Yay! So anyways ~ enter the park at your own risk! ha!

2. Where to stay? We stayed at the Yavapai Lodge right inside the park. It was walking distance to the visitor center which was so nice. The room was spacious compared to most hotel rooms I’ve stayed at. It was simple & clean. I highly recommend them! Remember to book early. They fill up super quick in the busy spring & summer months. Yes, my son is sitting on my daughter. Kids! 🙂

3. My younger two kids wanted to let you know about the Jr. Ranger Program. Go by the visitors center & pick up a Jr. Ranger book when you first get there. They have fun activities for your kiddos to do during their stay like participating in a ranger program, drawing pictures & looking for plants, animals & rocks. We visited the Condor Talk with the ranger while we were there for one of their requirements. It was super interesting! Once they’ve completed all of their activities, they’ll earn a Jr. Ranger badge to take home. It’s totally free & so fun to do!


4. My older kids wanted me to tell you about the Bright Angel Trail. We stumbled upon it the first day & of course, my older kids wanted to hike all the way to the bottom of the canyon. ha! We did come back the next day with a picnic lunch & water. We hiked down to the first rest station about 1 1/2 miles down, had lunch & then hiked back up to the top. So a total of 3 miles & about 3 hours! The hike up was much harder. So, so worth it though! The views are spectacular! (All of the trail pictures in this post are from the Bright Angel Trail.)

best trail at the Grand Canyon

5. This is my tip! Be sure to bring plenty of water! The altitude is quite high at the Grand Canyon & the air is dry. You do not want to get altitude sickness. So drink plenty of water & stay hydrated & you’ll be fine.

Bright Angel Trail

6. This tip is from my 9 year old daughter ~ don’t fall in! The drop offs are no joke at the Grand Canyon. The first day we walked the Rim Trail for about 2 miles, & I was about to have a heart attack every 20 feet or so. Eek! (Remember my youngest is a wild man!) We did survive…..buuuut be careful along the rim! Bring a stroller (or leash!) for the little ones. 😉

family friendly hike in the grand canyon

7. Bring food into the park! The food at the park is expensive! The first day we didn’t think to pack a lunch & ended up buying lunch inside the park. It was over $50! Eek! The next day we brought a backpack in with pb&j sandwiches, chips & water bottles. That was so much cheaper. To save on breakfast costs I brought a toaster with us, so we could have pop tarts & fresh fruit. I also had instant oatmeal & granola bars as breakfast options.

grand canyon for families

8. Wear layers! The temperature can vary greatly throughout the day. The rim is a lot cooler than below the rim. The second day we were there it was like hurricane force winds & freezing at the top of the canyon, but as soon as we started down the Bright Angel Trail the winds stopped & the temperature warmed. It was amazing! Also, be sure to wear good walking shoes.

grand canyon national park

9. Be sure to talk to some park rangers & swing by the visitor center before you start exploring. They have so much information. Be sure to grab a park map!

grand canyon vacation trip

10. Be sure to plan at least two full days or even more to visit the park. There is just so much to take in!

grand canyon

11. Here’s another tip from my youngest daughter ~ Don’t feed the squirrels! Apparently they carry plague. Ick! Annnnd they bite! So stay clear of the squirrels! ha!

hiking the grand canyon

12. They have amazing public transportation at the Grand Canyon. So be sure to check that out! They have bus stops & three routes that take you across the park. It was nice to use when our feet got tired of all that walking! The west side of the park is only accessible by public transportation during the spring & summer. Be sure to catch a ride out to Hermit’s Rest. You can see great views of the Colorado River along the way, & the fireplace inside Hermit’s Rest is worth the drive just to see that!


13. Be sure to catch a sunrise or sunset or both! We braved a chilly sunrise, & it was amazing! Simply breathtaking! Over at the visitor centers they will post the times for sunrise & sunset. We went out to Yaki Point (by bus from the visitors center). It was such an amazing view!


14. Get off the beaten path! In addition to the Grand Canyon you can hike trails, ride bikes, eat at yummy restaurants, explore historic buildings, shop Native American wares, see wildlife & even check out some old Pueblo Indian ruins. (Check out his Jr. Ranger badge on his necklace!)

15. Take some quiet time to enjoy the view. It almost doesn’t look real ~ almost like a huge painting. We live in the most amazing & beautiful world. It is amazing to see one of the wonders of the world up close. I asked my 12 year old son what his favorite part was, & it was the moment we turned the corner & the climbed down the steps & saw the canyon for the very first time. It literally takes your breath away!


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Let me know if you have any questions about the Grand Canyon. 🙂
You can find tons more information on the Grand Canyon right {HERE}.

Family Friendly Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon at GingerSnapCrafts.com #grandcanyon #roadtrip #family

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