3 Ways to Save Money This Christmas (& Anytime!)

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Hello! Christmas is here. Everyone is shopping, shopping & doing some more shopping! Am I right? 😉 ha! When you have a budget & limited amount of funds all this shopping and decorating and gift giving can get a little stressful. Today I am excited to share three ways that I am saving this Christmas & even earning a little cash back from all this shopping! ha! It’s so easy with Bank of America! You don’t need any coupons, it’s simple to use & the deals are totally tailored to you & how you shop. You can also use these tips to save money all year long! So let’s get started!

3 Ways to Save Money This Christmas at   GingerSnapCrafts.com

As soon as we were married (20+ years ago!) one of the first things we did was head to Bank of America & open up a checking & savings account. Yep, we are long, long time costumers. Bank of America has helped us purchase all 3 of the homes we’ve bought & sold over the years, helped us buy our first (& second!) minivan, & we have used Bank of America credit cards for years. Cash back, anyone? 😉 Recently we started using their BankAmeriDeals which helps us earn even more cash back from some of our favorite stores, restaurants, hotels & sites like Starbucks (hot cocoa, anyone?), Olive Garden, Gymboree, Tiger Direct, Sears, K-Mart & Sheraton hotels. The deals are for stores & places that we love & already shop at. It’s so, so simple to use. Simply go into your online banking account, click on special offers & deals, then click cash back deals. A page like this will pop up. All the deals are tailored to you! Your deals might not be the same as my deals. To add a deal click on “add the deal” & then it’s ready to use. When you shop at that store or business you will automatically earn cash back, & it will be deposited into your Bank of America account. Easy peasy!


I love the safety & confidence I feel when using this program. Bank of America backs up this program & makes it so easy to use! I love that you don’t need to use coupons. It’s all electronic & set up before I even get to the store or shop online. I simply use my Bank of America credit or debit card & my savings come rolling in. Sweet! 😉

Another super easy way I earn cash back with Bank of America is with my Bank of America credit card. I literally don’t have to do a thing to earn money….well, besides shop! ha! Check out this screen shop of some of my purchases over the last little while. Every time I used my Bank of America card I received money back. Annnnd if you notice at Walmart I was racking in some bonus money! So glad I shop there a lot! ha!


Every little bit adds up & once I accumulate $25 I can cash out & have the money deposited right into my Bank of America checking account. Every month I deposited between $25 to $50 into my account. Not too bad for just doing what I’d be doing all ready ~ shopping! I’m not going to lie I use the cash back for craft supplies or something for the house! It’s free money, so I splurge on myself! ha! What would YOU use it for?

cash rewards

Now on to the second way to save money this Christmas ~ simplify! Sometimes during the holidays it’s easy to go overboard! This includes birthdays, trips & just about everything else, too. I learned pretty early in our marriage & especially after we had kiddos that taking a simpler approach to decorating & gift giving is so much less stressful & less expensive. You still get all the joy though! 🙂


On instagram last week I shared my super simple holiday mantel. I just added a few things that I got a great price on at some of my favorite stores using my Bank of America credit card. The little Christmas trees were from Walmart. I purchased two for under $15. I found the B at Hobby Lobby, and the snowflakes & deer are from Target. Then I used some twine & mini clothespins to make a simple garland. Plus, I earned a little bit of cash back from all these purchases when I used my Bank of America credit card. Awesome!

simple mantel

Finally, considered adding a little homemade to your holiday celebrations! Homemade is always less expensive. Annnnd while you are shopping for the supplies at your favorite craft stores you will be earning a little cash back at the same time when you use a Bank of America credit or debit card. 😉 I’ve linked to some of my most favorite homemade gift ideas below. Enjoy!

Five Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas from   GingerSnapCrafts.com

So remember don’t leave money on the table take advantage of programs like BankAmeriDeals, simplify & think about adding a little homemade to your holidays! I know when you do these things you can save money during the holidays (& really all year long!), you will have less stress & you will be able to just enjoy!

Also, remember these offers from Bank of America are so, so easy to use! You are already using credit & debit cards for your purchases. It’s just plain silly not to use the BankAmeriDeals debit card & credit card cash back deals! 😉 You will save money at places you already shop at, it super simple to use, it’s safe, no need for any special coupons & the program is tailored just for YOU!

If you don’t bank at Bank of America be sure to check with your bank to see if they offer special cash back deals like these. 🙂 Let me know if you use Bank of America. I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below!

3 Ways to Save Money This Christmas at   GingerSnapCrafts.com

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