7 Things To Do Before Summer Vacation

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Hello there! Summer is almost here! Eek! My kiddos have exactly 3 weeks until the last day of school as of yesterday. Oh my! I am busy getting the house clean, in order & getting our summer break all planned out. I am so excited to be partnering with affresh® to share a little glimpse into how I prepare our home & family for summer break. I love to start summer with a fresh, clean home.  I love that whenever I have a specific cleaning job to do, I can count on affresh® cleaners to provide the right tool for the job. I know you can, too! So let’s get to my list of 7 Things to do Before Summer Vacation.

7 Things to Do Before Summer Vacation #affresh #ad

1. With all my kiddos home during the summer, we do a lot of cooking on the stove. To get the stove prepped, I always plan to clean the stove & oven before summer break starts.

To keep your ceramic cooktop shiny & sparkling like new you can use affresh® Cooktop Cleaning Wipes. These cooktop cleaner wipes are dual-sided with built-in scrubbers on one side to remove residue & a smooth side on the other to give you a streak-free finish*. They are specially made for your ceramic cooktop. (They can also be use on gas stovetop grates as well!) *When used as directed.


These cleaning wipes are so easy to use, too! It’s almost therapeutic for me to use them! ha! Cleaning is always a good way to clear my mind. ha! How about you? 😉


First, you will remove the wipe from pouch. Reseal. Then wipe on glass or ceramic cooktop surface. Use the textured side to scrub away daily surface residues & cooked on food. The smooth side should be used to polish. Then wipe with soft, dry cloth. Simply toss the wipe in the trash when finished. Do not flush! Then enjoy a clean, polished shiny ceramic cooktop!


I keep a package or two in the drawer right by our oven. It makes it super easy to quickly clean up any messes, & my stove looks great all the time. You can purchase affresh® Cooktop Cleaning Wipes right here.


2. Be sure to sign up for camps, swimming lessons & summer classes before school gets out. One time I forgot to do this, & every swim class was full. So sad! Don’t procrastinate!

swim lessons

3. Come up with a summer chore routine. Yep! My kiddos do chores in the summer! ha! Well, really they do chores year round. Since they are home a little bit more during the summer, I do adjust & add a few extra chores in there (like mowing the grass!). Here’s some examples of chore charts we have tried in the past. I like to switch it up every year. It keeps them on their toes! ha! Feel free to use these charts. Just right click & save to your computer. For personal use only!

chore chart at GingerSnapCrafts.com[5]

Here’s a cute chore chart I made several years ago! My kiddos have gotten a lot older since then. Why do they do that? 😉 Click here for the tutorial.

chore chart

4. Organize the pool toys. Yep, this needs to be done, too. I keep the pool toys in the attic during the fall & winter. So I drag them down. Count goggles & make sure we have enough pool rings to make it through the summer. I also get with our POA & make sure our pool dues are paid, activate our pool key & grab some pool bands.


5. Go through your kid’s clothes. Now is a great time to go through their clothes. Throw out any clothes that are beyond repair & donate the rest. I love to do this while my kids are still in school. If they are home when I’m doing this they’ll want to keep everything! ha! Also, make note if they need more shorts, t-shirts, a new bathing suit or sandals.

affresh tips

6. Deep clean the fridge & buy lots of healthy snacks! Along with the stove cleaning, I also add the fridge to the list. I clean everything out, & I even clean under the fridge. Yuck! I also make sure we are stocked full of healthy snacks like fruit, crackers & veggies.


7. Double check your family vacations plans. I plan our family vacation very early in the year. At this time of year, I do double check my reservations, dates and that my hubby has asked off work. ha! You don’t won’t anything going wrong at the last second. (This is a picture from Mt. Rushmore 3 summers ago! It was amazing!)

mt. rushmore

Once summer gets here you’ll be able to relax & enjoy it! Annnd you’ll want to check out this post!

15 Fun Things to do this Summer at GingerSnapCrafts.com #summer #summerfun #kidscrafts #kidactivities_thumb[2]

Let me know what chores/jobs you like to get accomplished before summer vacation starts in the comments below. I’d love to hear them! Remember to check out affresh® for all your cleaning needs! You can always purchase affresh® products right here.

7 Things to Do Before Summer Vacation #affresh #ad

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