7 Tips for a Clean & “Spotless” Home #EurekaPower

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Hello! How are you? Did you survive the weekend? Ours was crazy as usual! ha! 🙂 Well, today I’m spilling the beans on how to have a clean & “spotless” house! A lot of my friends think our house is always clean, but of course, anyone that has a many kids as me (kids are messy!), a craft blog (crafts are pretty messy, too!) & are as busy as us knows that I can’t possibly have a clean house every single day. Buuut if you give me a 30 minute warning I can have our house looking pretty spotless! ha! So today I’m going to share my 7 tips for a clean & “spotless” home. So keep reading!

7 tips for a clean & spotless home at GingerSnapCrafts.com #EurekaPower #collectivebias #shop

My number one tip is vacuuming! If your house is vacuumed it automatically looks a 100 times better. Plus you can’t really have a clean home without clean floors, right? Clean floors are a must! So the first thing I do if I’m doing a quick clean up is vacuum.

I recently went to Walmart to purchase a new vacuum, & I LOVE this Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum that I found there. It was love at first site! ha! 😉

#EurekaPower at Walmart #shop

The first thing that I noticed was their Dyson Claim. This vacuum performs better than a Dyson DC41, and at under $100 it was definitely worth a try! 😉 This is how my new vacuum looked when I took it out & assembled it. Pretty fancy! 😉

Eureka Vacuum Cleaner #shop

This vacuum is powerful enough to clean all floors & surfaces which is perfect in our house! I have tile, vinyl & carpeting! Yes, I know the vinyl looks like wood (thank you!) but remember I have 5 kiddos ~ so vinyl is the way to go!

#eurekapower tile vinyl carpet

This Eureka AirSpeed All Floor Vacuum also has a hand held upholstery brush! This came in very handy this past weekend when we were texturing our room addition. We had a thin layer of dust all over the house! Eek! So we used this brush a bunch! You can see my son putting it to the test {HERE}. It worked wonderfully! 🙂 You can also use this brush on stairs if you have them. Awesome! 😉

#EurekaPower #stairs #upholstery #stairs

I also loved all the other attachments. It made cleaning underneath the couch cushions a breeze!

Airspeed Eureka Vacuum #shop

Buuuut what I love best about this vacuum is it’s amazing & powerful suction! All I can say is “Wow”! I have no doubt that my carpet, floors & couch get a deep cleaning every time I use this vacuum. It’s amazing! It can definitely handle any messes that my family throws at it! Annnd that’s a bunch of messes! ha! 😉

spring cleaning with Eureka Power

So the first tip ~ vacuum! When I know someone is coming over or it’s time to clean up the house we do a quick vacuuming of the entire house. (Did I mention this vacuum has a super long cord? It does! So nice!)

#clean #shop   #EurekaPower #shop

Tip 2 ~ Clean the windows! I usually let one of my younger kiddos do this job! 🙂 I have them clean the windows in the front room & our patio doors. Those seem to get the most fingerprints.

Tip 3 ~ Light a candle! I love the “clean” smelling candles. I found this one at Walmart when I was vacuum shopping. It’s scent is called linen. It smells so fresh & clean. A clean smell means a clean house, right? ha! 😉

#shop please remove your shoes sign
Tip 4 ~ No shoes in the house! We have had this rule for a long time. It started when I had little babies crawling around on the floor, but we have kept doing it even though my kiddos are bigger. It cuts down on the dirt & germs being tracked into your house. We also have shoe benches & large baskets by each outside door in our house. So as soon as the kiddos get home they take off their shoes & put them in a basket or a bench. This helps contain the mess that can pile up around the front door. I also have a spot for them to hang up their backpacks. (Having a spot for their shoes & backpacks keeps things from getting lost, too!)

        clean everything in it's spot   #clean #bathroom #shop

Tip 5 ~ Everything has a spot! Everything in our house has a place it belongs. This makes clean up fast & quick! For example under our TV armoire we have bins for movies, games & remotes. It’s easy to put everything back in it’s spot & close the doors. BTW I love armoires! They hide lots of messes! 😉

Tip 6 ~ Do a quick check of the bathroom. Underneath the bathroom sink I keep a multi-surface cleaner. So we can spray down everything including the mirror & counters. I have hooks for towels & a basket for extras. This makes cleaning the bathroom super quick. We also have a bathroom rules sign that helps remind the kiddos to keep things picked up.

spring cleaning tips #shop

Tip 7 ~ Close the door! Sometimes you just run out of time! So in a pinch we just throw everything in our master bedroom & close the door & lock it! ha! Well, at least they’ll think our house is “spotless”! 😉

Do you have any tips for helping your home looking clean & spotless? I’d love to hear! 🙂 To find out more about the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Vacuum you can go {HERE}, & you can find Eureka on facebook {HERE}.

7 tips for a clean & spotless home at GingerSnapCrafts.com #EurekaPower #collectivebias #shop

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