An Easy Way to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill #WMTSavingsCatcher

I shopped smart using Walmart® Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Crowdtap. #WMTSavingsCatcher

Hello! It’s a rare Saturday post but I couldn’t wait until Monday to share this! ha! 😉 As you know I have 5 kiddos. Kiddos can be expensive. They eat a lot! ha! So that means I have watch what I spend & stretch our dollars as far as they can go. At the same time I’m terrible at couponing! I just never really got into it or had the time. That’s why I am super excited about the brand new Walmart® Savings Catcher program! It is amazing! No coupons needed, & you don’t have worry about checking competitor’s ads or shopping around at different stores ~ Walmart® will do the work for you! So keep reading to find out more. 🙂

An Easy Way to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill at #savingscatcher #ad

You get the Savings #savingscatcher

You might of noticed the signs all around your Walmart®! You can’t miss them! 🙂 To take advantage of the Walmart® Savings Catcher program you can go online like I did ~ right {HERE} or you can download an app right to your smart phone or tablet.

walmart savings catcher

If you are like me you probably already have a account. So sign in to get started. If not you can create an account in a couple of steps.

savings from Walmart

Then it’s super easy. You can add up to 7 receipts per week. Receipts must be entered within 7 days of purchase. I do my bills every Friday morning. Fun! ha! 😉 So each Friday while I’m at the computer paying bills I take a couple of seconds to enter my Walmart® receipts for the week. Easy!

savings from Walmart Savings Catcher

Then in a couple of hours I’ll receive an email, & cha-ching I’ll have money! Wahoo! I can redeem this for a Walmart® ecard & shop in store or at Sweet! 🙂


If you would like to learn even more about #WMTSavingsCatcher make sure you swing over to Crowdtap & join the Walmart® Savings Catcher Crowd. That’s what I did when I first heard about the program. You can learn so much more about the Walmart® Savings Catcher program. You can read other bloggers’ & shoppers’ experiences, watch videos, take part in challenges, win prizes & more. 🙂 Go right {HERE} to do that.

Now the only thing left to do is to decide what I’m going to spend my rewards on! ha! I’m thinking about saving them up & using them for…. Christmas shopping? Something for me? Something for our home? Some craft supplies? I have so many options! ha! 😉


Do you shop at Walmart®?
Have you tried Walmart® Savings Catcher yet?
What would you spend your rewards on?
I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below. 🙂

An Easy Way to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill at #savingscatcher #ad

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