Are You Curious About the New Silhouette Curio™?

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Good morning! Are you curious about the new Silhouette Curio™ machine from Silhouette? Eek! I know I am! Annnnnnd I am excited to say that a Silhouette Curio is headed my way. As soon as I receive it I will be telling you even more about this new machine from Silhouette first hand & showing you my latest Curio projects. I am so excited! This week is National Curio Week as Silhouette gears up for the launch of their new machine NEXT week! You can already pre-order a new Curio over on Amazon right now! If you’ve never heard of a Curio ~ keep reading! I’d love to introduce you! 🙂

Introducing the new Silhouette Curio

The Silhouette Curio™ is the perfect complement to Silhouette’s other cutting tools, the Silhouette Portrait® & Silhouette CAMEO®. I have both, & I LOVE them! You can read why I am glad that I bought a Silhouette right {HERE}.

You’ll simply connect the Curio to your PC (or Mac) with the included USB cable & use the included software, Silhouette Studio®, to design your projects.  Then you’ll send your project to the Curio to put your signature style on countless of DIY projects & crafts. Curio is the perfect machine for DIYers that love to diversify their creativity. With Curio you can:

  • Create beautifully etched metal (stippling/etching tool sold separately)
  • Embellish foils & metals with unique stipple patterns (stippling/etching tool sold separately)
  • Sketch intricate, multi-color designs
  • Create one-of-a-kind stippled ink projects (sketch pens & felt tip pens sold separately)


  • Cut custom designs out of paper, card stock, vellum, vinyl, fabric, stencil material & more
  • Cut or sketch fonts already installed on your computer
  • Add embossing or debossing textures to soft papers, vellum & other delicate materials
  • Use unique materials as project surfaces such as woods, canvas, metals, & more
  • Register and cut printed materials (Print & Cut feature)


Curio is driven by powerful Silhouette Studio® software as well as the Silhouette Design Store, a marketplace of over 70,000 ready-made designs available for purchase. Find the perfect design, resize and customize the design for your project, or design your own from scratch using hundreds of design tools in the powerful Silhouette Studio® software.

The Curio is the only machine that can unlock the stippling, etching, debossing, embossing & dual carriage features in Silhouette Studio® design software.

silhouette-curio-3t_04-xl (1)

You can purchase a Silhouette Curio at Silhouette right {HERE} starting next week. 

You can also pre-order one right now on
Amazon with a release date of August 20th!

You see why I LOVE my Silhouette machines right {HERE}.
Check out my hundreds of Silhouette projects right {HERE}.

5 Reasons that I'm glad I bought a Silhouette at #SilhouetteCameo #SilhouettePortrait _thumb[8]

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