OMTWI round 3 {coffee filter wreath}

Are YOU sitting down???? 
I made it to the final round of One Month to Win It!!!!
I’m so honored to be in this competition with such talented ladies,
& to make it this far in the competition is truly humbling!
Thank YOU to everyone who’s been voting!
(Especially to my dad…who totally did NOT vote for mine!)

This week the theme was Styrofoam.  It was tough!
So a BIG shout out to these ladies
for helping me get some Styrofoam-y ideas flowing!
Thank you!

Could YOU tell which one was mine?
If YOU guessed the {coffee filter} wreath…you were right!


When I heard that Round 3 was Styrofoam Crafts I was extremely nervous.
I have NEVER used Styrofoam before (well…besides sipping my hot chocolate in!)
I know seriously… and can YOU believe I actually have a craft blog??!!  Crazy!  🙂 
I have ALWAYS wanted to use coffee filters to make a wreath! 
I think they are so pretty!  So here’s how I made mine! 🙂
What you need: 
Styrofoam wreath
2 packages of coffee filters
stick pins (use the ones with the little colored balls on the ends)
How I did it:
I laid my Styrofoam wreath form on the table. 
Then I stuck my stick pin right through the middle of one coffee filter,
folded my coffee filter up around it & made a “coffee filter dart” in a way. 🙂 
Then I stuck that into my Styrofoam wreath.  Kept doing that over & over again.
I tried to stick them as close together as possible. 
I did that about 300-400 more times until I had gone all the way around. 
FYI: I left the back of my wreath empty so my wreath would lay flat against the wall. 
Then I tied a ribbon loosely around the top of my wreath,
& I hung it up on the wall in our master bathroom.
Love how it turned out!
Next week we are taking a break for Thanksgiving.
So the finales will be the following week.
This time the theme is Christmas!  Yay!  Can’t wait!
I’ll keep you posted!!!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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