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Hello friends. My name is Marilyn from next door at The ArtsyGirl Connection. I am beyond thrilled to be able to stop in and share along today via Ginger’s Holiday Series. Hope you enjoy what I made with lots of love to share. THANKS for having me Ginger!! A bit about me...

I’m a mother to two beautiful mini Moon’s, engaged to my very best friend, craft addict, pixel lover and a DIY trial and error chef in my own world!! I love indulging in creative outlets from crafting to enhance our home over the season’s or creating unique items for my children. I craft for cause and totally light up at any opportunity to help bring awareness where needed to various aspects of issues close to my heart.  I will LOVE to get to know you all and an opportunity to indulge in more future blog shenanigans sometime.. Hope you can all .stop in and say hello.
….{I am an upcycling fanatic…My Project here today is one of my favorites..
Hope you enjoy and get to upcycle in style along with me.. }

Upcycled TP Roll
           ……{Burlap Ornaments}
I thought I’d add a snow effect to my photo.. lol..

These ornaments are very festive, pretty and feature hidden little treats for the lovely family
member’s I created them for. Within the ornaments are candy, and a little lovely note I
placed to add a special moment to Christmas morning. I am so thrilled to share my tutorial
with you today. Hope you get to create and share some lovely ornaments this Christmas.
**Magical Items Needed**
TP Rolls (as many as you need per amount of people you are crafting for)
Red Raffia
Snowflake Stickers
Glue Gun
Gold Rope (Ribbon will do too)
Christmas Letter Stickers
** Lets Get To Work Lovely Elfs**
To begin, flatten your TP roll as flat as you can.
Cut (allow for overlapping of burlap a little for folding), wrap and glue on your
burlap around your TP roll. Once you are done wrapping your burlap to fit your TP roll, tuck in the one end and glue together. Your burlap overlapping will fold in perfectly to allow for neat fit and pointed edges.
Once the first end is glued together (press down to make sure it’s securely
glued down), grab some candy (in my case, we have TONS of Halloween candy still floating around) to stuff into your roll and add a fun little note for the owner of your ornament.
After adding in your fun little treats, glue the other end of your roll shut.
Grab your raffia and get creative. Wrap it in an angle alongside your gold rope.
Tie at the top in a creative manner. Add your snow flake sticker and your initial.
They should both stick pretty steadily, if not, add a bit of glue to it but I doubt you
will need to. Tadaaaaa.. You should be all set and ready to create a little loop for
hanging using a bit of your raffia. You can glue a loop to the back lightly.
I absolutely enjoyed putting these together. I did them very early in the morning when
everyone was sleeping to ensure that my surprise inside will add a special treat to our
Christmas festivities. GREATNESS with TP ROLL! I am SO in LOVE with these
awesome ornaments. I upcycled beautifully…What are you doing with your rolls?
*{I will be featuring these goodies customized for you in my big cartel store  for Christmas
~ OFFICIALLY presenting A Little Lovely By Marilyn}
Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial here today.. I sincerely appreciate Ginger for having me.. Thanks SO much for your time.. Hope to get to know all you lovely reader’s here.. Wishing you all an amazing holiday season.. Be well and be MERRY! You can find me via my blog here ~ The ArtsyGirl Connection Via Twitter Here ~ TheArtsyMe & Facebook ~ The ArtsyGirl Connection
~Stay Artsy~

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