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Hello there! Today on the blog we are going to a place where few have ever been before ~ our master bathroom! Eek! Scary! ha! Most of the time this room is off limits to guest! ha! (When you see the before pictures you will see why!) Buuuut now it is all clean & organized thanks to some help from Easy Liner® with Clorox®. Ahhhhhh! So keep reading for some easy Bathroom Updates & Organization Tips. Let’s get started! 🙂

Bathroom Updates & Organization Tips at #organization #tips

I told you the before was scary! Didn’t I? 😉 I can’t even believe I’m showing you! I didn’t even snap a picture of the countertops. They were worse! Trust me! So the first step to organizing this mess is to totally empty out all the cabinets & drawers. I went through everything. I tossed any bathroom products that we haven’t used in the last year or that had expired. Took some hot rollers & curling irons out to the donation pile in the garage. I also figured out that we had a total of 28 toothbrushes between both of our bathrooms. How is that even possible? So I had everyone chose their ONE favorite toothbrush, & I tossed the rest. Craziness! The next step was to totally wipe down all the cabinets inside & out. Oh how dusty & grimy they were! Ick! I vacuumed out all the crevices & scrubbed toothpaste off the front of the cabinets. Then last thing I did was give our cabinets a fresh coat of paint. We’ve lived in our house 7 years, & it was just time for some updating! ha! (My hubby wasn’t totally on board with this idea, but I think it’s growing on him!) 🙂

bathroom at
Next, it was time to add some liner to the inside of our cabinets. I love the Easy Liner® Shelf Liners with Clorox® by Duck® brand. These liners are the newest addition to the Easy Liner® brand. These liners now include Clorox® antimicrobial protection. It’s not a harsh cleaner. It has added protection to prevent the growth of odor-causing mold & mildew. Yay! What’s even cooler is that this antimicrobial additive (that is embedded into the shelf liner material) will not degrade over time & will remain active as long as the product is in use – even after washing. Yes, you can wash this liner in the washing machine!!! How awesome is that?

Easy Liner
This cushiony, thick, water resistant liner is great for using in all areas of your home ~ in the kitchen, closet, pantry & yes, the bathroom! It’s so perfect for the bathroom. It’s super easy to cut & install. Let me show you how I did it! First, I rolled out the liner in the bottom of our cabinet. Then I marked with a pencil where I would need to cut.

Then I used a yardstick to draw a nice straight line, & then I cut the liner with a pair of scissors. So easy! It’s so easy to trim to the perfect size, & it’s super easy to move around & reposition without any problems. One roll goes a long way, too! I only had to use one roll to do my entire bathroom. Awesome! Just so you know~ in addition to the Solid Grip that I used ~ this liner is also available in the following varieties: Super Grip, Smooth Top & Select.

duck brand bathroom liner works in the kitchen, too
The only left to do was put in my much scaled down bathroom “junk” back inside the cabinets & drawers! ha! I can’t believe how much space I had to work with once I got rid of all the things we didn’t use! Yay!

Ahhhhhhhh! I just love a clean & organized bathroom! Eek! 🙂

Be sure to look for Easy Liner® with Clorox® by Duck®. I’d love to hear what you think!
What are some of your favorite bathroom organizing tips? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below! #rollontheclean

Bathroom Updates & Organization Tips at #organization #tips

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