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Princess Wand
We recently went to a story time at our local library and after
reading a book about princesses, it was craft time.  My daughter
made a princess wand out of paper stars, a plastic stick for the
handle, and tinsel.  It was adorable, but lasted all of 10
minutes before it was destroyed!  I don’t know who was more sad,
me or my daughter!  Since that moment, I was on a quest to make
another Princess Wand….but this time more sturdy
and able to withstand a 2 year old!
Here is way I came up with…..
easter wand 053
  • Wood Star (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Wooden Dowel 5/16” x 12”
  • Ribbon
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush or paint brush
  • Embellishments (if desired)
  • Hot Glue
Start by tracing your star on the back of your desired scrapbook paper.
easter wand 034
Cut out the star, cutting slightly inside your line you traced.
easter wand 036
Using a foam brush or paint brush, brush a layer of Mod Podge on the
wooden star.  Place your scrapbook paper on the wooden
star.  Brush a layer of Mod Podge on top of the scrapbook paper.
easter wand 039
Allow to dry between layers of Mod Podge,
finishing after 3 coats.  Allow to dry.
easter wand 040
While your star is drying, you can start on your dowel &
ribbons.  You could leave your dowel plain….but I am an
overachiever….and can’t leave anything plain & simple!  So, I
covered my dowel with ribbon, adding dots of hot glue frequently to
make sure the ribbon does not slip
when your little one is playing with the wand.
easter wand 043
Cut your ribbon strands that your want to dangle behind the
star.  I purchased sparkly ribbon, but any ribbon scraps would
work as well.  Cut at varying lengths.
easter wand 044
Heat seal all the ribbon ends.
easter wand 046
Hot glue one end of the ribbon to the back of the star.  Glue the
end of your dowel to the back of the star as well.
easter wand 050
In my opinion, everything is BETTER with glitter, so I sprayed a coat
of Krylon Glitter Spray on my star.  This is totally optional,
but made it sparkly and shiny! 
easter wand 052
I also added little jewels to the front of my wand, but you could
really add anything you wanted or leave it plain.
That’s it….I hope your little girl loves
her Princess Wand as much as mine! 
My daughter won’t put it down!! 
Thank you so much Ginger for the opportunity to do a blog swap!
Hop on over to SweetPeas and Bumblebees
for more creative crafts, yummy recipes and so
much more!!!  We love new visitors and followers!

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