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Good morning! Recently my son turned 16! Eek! Either he’s getting old or I’m getting super old! ha! 😉 Anyways, as part of his birthday celebrations, we decided to do a little room refresh for him. He wasn’t too fond of my decorating taste. I have no idea why! 😉 He plays football, & he is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys. So, that was our starting point as we looked for inspiration for his room makeover. Annnnd we were super excited to find these huge Dallas Cowboy decals from Fathead. These wall decals are amazing! They are huge, durable, easy to use & you can find so many different designs from your favorite sports team, movies, superheroes & even custom decals! So, let me show you how easy this room refresh was to pull off. Let’s get started! 🙂

Alight, let me show you how easy these decals changed the look of my son’s space so easily & quickly.

As you can tell we started with a clean slate! 🙂 Just a note these huge wall decals work best on smooth, indoor surfaces such as painted drywall (like this area), glass, metal & smooth walls. Another tip, if you have just painted your walls, wait 30 days after painting before applying the decals from Fathead. Now onto the exciting part…..opening the box!

My son didn’t let me take his picture (I did sneak in a few in!). Buuuut let me tell you, he was right there with me the whole time. He couldn’t wait to open up these two boxes! I was so impressed with how well these decals were packaged up. The wall decals from Fathead arrived in perfect condition. 🙂

Annnnnd this decal was huge! Just for reference, the life-size Zeke Elliot is truly life-size. He measures over 6 feet tall! Everything you see here is a sticker. The stars, the helmet, the smaller Zeke, the words, poster of Zeke & more. We were blown away in a good way! 🙂

These decals are super easy to put up! (Annnd you can actually move these around if you need to later or to reposition them while hanging.) We had these huge sheet of Zeke Elliot decals, and then we also ordered a poster. I’ll show you how we hung the poster in just a bit. Each box came with instructions & a yellow plastic squeegee to help us hang them up perfectly. TIP: Before you hang your decals, clean you wall with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use soap or cleaner. Let it dry, & then you are good to go! 🙂

Each decal from Fathead is already cut out perfectly. You simply & carefully remove the decal from the backing.

Then you put it on the wall & working from the top middle you’ll smooth is out with the squeegee. In this close up shot, you can tell that these Fathead decals have a very high level of quality with both the vinyl & the image. It almost felt like Zeke was looking at me as I applied him to the wall! So realistic! My son even noticed the Zeke wears a size 3X glove. Ha! 🙂 TIP: For these smaller vinyl decal, it was a one person job. For the larger stickers, you’ll need one or two helpers. You really want to make sure the decal doesn’t stick to you or to itself. If it does, that could be a problem. So, find a helper! 🙂

Let me show you how we applied the larger wall decal from Fathead. We left the backing on, and slowing removed it as we smoothed out the poster with the squeegee and our hands as we worked down from the top. If you make a mistake or if it’s a little crooked, don’t worry! Just remove it, adjust & smooth it down again.

Doesn’t that look amazing? Annnnnd if later he wants to change this up, I don’t have to worry! Fathead wall decals don’t damage the walls when you take them down. Yay! So, he can change it up, anyway he wants. I kept the backing paper rolled up under his bed, so if he wants to switch out any decals he can.

Do you have a teenage boy or other kiddo who would love a room refresh, too? Check out Fathead for all the wall decal ideas. You are sure to find something for your kiddos, or you can customize a decal just for them. 🙂 Let me know what your favorites are! I’d love to hear. 🙂

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