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Good morning! We have been on spring break all week! Eek! So fun! I love doing fun things with my kiddos. Annnnd I really love when we have more time to be together & try out new things like these easy Can Stilts. These were a hit with my kiddos, & I know your kiddos would love to make their own pair, too. So keep reading to see how easy these are to put together. So let’s get started! 🙂

can stilts at #upcycle #recycle #kidcraft @decoart


DecoArt Multi-surface Paint
large tin can (washed & dried)
foam paint brushes
metal bottle opener

First, paint your cans a fun color. I love this multi-surface paint from DecoArt. You can literally paint anything with it, & it has great coverage. You can find out all about this amazing paint {HERE}. You can buy it at just about any craft store, too.


Next, we used a round foam brush to stencil polka dots all over the cans.


polka dots

Let it all dry. Then punch two holes on either side of the cans with a bottle opener.

how to make can stilts

Then thread the rope through the holes & tie with a square knot.

kid craft

TIP: I used my kiddo to measure how long to cut my ropes.

kids crafts

Now it’s time for some fun! Stilt races would be a super fun game to play!

can stiltsIMG_1103can stilts 2

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Let me know what fun things your kiddos are up to this spring!
I know my kiddos would love to try new things. 🙂

can stilts at #upcycle #recycle #kidcraft @decoart

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