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Monday nights are Family Home Evening nights at our house.
(Hmmmm….maybe I should of posted this on a Monday!??!) Winking smile

Family Home Evening is one night a week set aside just for our family.
It is usually TONS of fun & each family member plays a part.
We close & open with a prayer, share a scripture, sing songs,
someone gives a short lesson, we have a fun activity or game
& then we save the best for last, a yummy treat!  Yum!

To keep track of who is doing what I made this super cute & easy
{chalkboard} Family Home Evening Board.


chalkboard paint
wood board cut & routed
(Ours is approx. 1 foot x 4 foot.)
vinyl lettering

I used My Own Topher font
& a scroll from my Silhouette clip art library.

IMG_2183  IMG_2185  IMG_2186

Paint your board with the chalkboard paint.
Let dry.  Then apply your vinyl lettering. 
(Click here for more detailed instructions on applying vinyl.)
TIP:  When I am applying a super long piece of vinyl
Before I remove the backing paper
I tape the top of my vinyl piece into place,
and then I cut the vinyl in pieces just like a puzzle.
Annnd then put it all back together. 
It’s a lot easier than working with one HUGE piece of vinyl.

IMG_2188  IMG_2189  IMG_2190

That’s it!  Super cute & easy!


We just use regular chalk to write in everyone’s names each week.
Then we use a baby wipe to wipe off the chalk, & it’s as good as new!
TIP:  Don’t use a chalk marker on chalkboard paint. 
It won’t come off all the way!  I ended up having to repaint
& re-do the vinyl because we used a chalk marker at first.  grrr! Sad smile

family home evening board

The kiddos have lots of fun writing in the names each week.

Do you have any fun family traditions?

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