Cole vs. Cameo {guess who won?}

Some of you might remember when
I was super excited to get my new Silhouette Cameo
I had so many projects & ideas!  Like this & this.  I couldn’t wait to get started! 🙂
Well, unknown to me my 2 year old, Cole, had BIG plans for my
Cameo, too! Ummm…not good!
cameo vs. cole
Just a little background on my little Cole-Man.  He is extremely busy!  Always into something. 
Like the time he put Vaseline in his hair…yep, his hair was sticking up like that for a couple of days until the Vaseline finally wore off.  Then there was the time he put lotion all over his forehead, and the many, many times he has colored himself with markers.  Do you see a pattern???
Yes, usually he is doing crazy things to himself…buuuuuut that would soon change. Yikes!

cole's funny things

So this is what happened over at our house a few weeks ago. 
If you open up the front of the Cameo you will notice a piece of white tape.
I’m not sure but I think it is some sort of electronic tape that tells the Cameo how & what to cut.
Well, Cole grabbed a pair of my craft scissors & cut the tape in two pieces! Aaarghhh!
(I’m very thankful that the Cameo was put up & not plugged in….it could have been worse!)

silhouette cameo
image source

Ummmmm….yes, I was freaking out A LOT (& maybe even crying a lot little).
(My hubby thought I was a little crazy!) Winking smile 

The only thing I could think to do was contact Silhouette & ask them if they sold that part. 
I emailed them & within a couple of minutes they had already emailed me back
& said that it wasn’t a replaceable part, and they said even though it wasn’t a warranty issue that they understood my situation.  All I would have to do is send my damaged Cameo back to them,
& then they would send me a replacement & cover it under my warranty!!! talk about customer service!!!  Wahoo!! 
Amazing!  Now I was crying happy tears!  Yay! Smile

silhouette cameo review

I knew I loved Silhouette before but seriously just for the customer service alone I would recommend them! Yay! Thank you so much Silhouette!!! You.are.awesome.

Within a couple of weeks my new Cameo was delivered to my door!  Yay! Smile

Annnnnd if you were wondering….my new Cameo has not been out of the box
(except for these pictures) since I got it….think I’ll keep it that way until Cole is 5 at least!

So do YOU have any good “terrible two” stories???

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Disclosure: I was NOT compensated for this post.  Silhouette does not endorse or sponsor my blog. (Don’t I wish!)
I really think
Silhouette is great company, & I highly recommends their products & services.

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