Cottonelle Clean Care Routine & a free Bathroom Printable #CtnlCareRoutine

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Hello! Today we are getting a little personal on the blog! Let’s have a little bathroom talk. ha! 😉 With 5 kiddos I have done my fair share of potty training over the last 10 years or so! I’m just now on the “tail” end of it, too! Pun intended! haha! 😉 My youngest is 4, and he has pretty much been potty trained for almost a year. Now we are getting to the fun part letting him wipe himself! Once we get him wiping like a pro then I’ll be officially done with helping my kiddos in the bathroom! Wahoo! 🙂 Recently we have started the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine in the bathroom, & so far it is going great! I haven’t had to help wipe him in over a week! He’s been doing a great job all by himself! Yay! So keep reading to see our new routine. 🙂
Cottonelle Clean Care Routine #CtnlCareRoutine #pmedia #spon

#ctnlcleanroutine #spon

I love Cottonelle cleansing cloths. They are awesome! They are perfect for transitioning from baby wipes to toilet paper. They are also great a helping kiddos clean themselves after using the bathroom. To make this new routine simple for my son we called it the 1-2-3 routine. 🙂 The first thing he does after going potty is wipe! So we labeled the cleansing cloths with a big #1. I also had plenty of Cottonelle toilet paper available, too! So he can wipe with the cleansing cloths & then pat dry with some toilet paper if he needs to.

potting training #sponsored

The next (very important) step is to flush! Some of my older kiddos are still working on this one, too! ha! So I put a big #2 by the toilet handle. 😉

#ctnlcleancare #spon

Then the last thing he needs to do is wash his hands. So I put a big #3 on the soap dispenser by the sink.

#spon bathroom routine

When I potty trained my kiddos I always made a sticker chart to hang in the bathroom. So I decided to do the same thing for our new 1-2-3 routine. I made a chart with a spot for wipe, flush & wash. So he can give himself a sticker for each step he completes. I LOVE when he runs in after going to the bathroom & tells me that he’s done all three! Way to go! 🙂

#cntlcleancare #spon #pmedia

Here is a free printable of our chart if you’d like to try this routine, too! 🙂

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine #CtnlCareRoutine #pmedia #spon

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#ctnlcareroutine #spon Cottonelle

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