cutting dies with your Revolution {tutorial}

Later today I’ll be sharing my latest project from Lifestyle Crafts!
Buuut I thought it might be a good idea to show you how to cut a die first!
When I first got my die cutter & dies I didn’t have a clue where to begin!
Buuuut once you get the hang of it…it is so fun {& easy}!

Lifestyle Crafts sells two different die cutters the Revolution & the Epic 6.
Today I’ll show you how to cut dies using the Revolution.
revolution lifestyle crafts

Dies come in several ways: nesting dies, cookie cutter dies, 4×4 & 2×2 dies.
Today I’ll show you how to use a 4×4 die with your Revolution.
What I LOVE about the Revolution is that it has a magnetic platform.
So your dies will stick right on! I love this because you don’t have
to worry about your die moving around on you, & it’s easy to align your paper. 

bloom and grow die from lifestyle crafts  bloom and grow

The first thing you’ll do is put your die on the platform. 
Then you’ll put your paper over the die.

bloom and grow die  bloom and grow lifestyle revolution

Next you’ll put your cutting mat on top of your paper
& then you’ll crank it through the cutter with the handle.
FYI: See all the marks on my cutting mat…don’t freak out like I did!
It’s suppose to get a little “roughed” up.  {It’s almost time for me to get a new one!}
You can buy replacement cutting mats for $3.99 over at Lifestyle Crafts. 
Don’t forget to use the code GINGER for 20%!  Yay!

bloom and grow die tutorial

Once you’ve cranked your die through your Revolution it will look something like this.
Just remove the excess paper, & then you’ll have a perfect die!  So cool!

bloom and grow flower die

Click here to see what I made with this flower die from the new Bloom & Grow series!

lifestyle crafts

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Disclosure:  I was given the flower die from Lifestyle Crafts.  I bought the Revolution myself, and I LOVE it! 
All opinions are my own.

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