Daughters of God: Being Women Who Love, Learn, and Lead

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The scriptures offer powerful examples of strong women who lead others and live the teachings of Jesus. In the Old Testament, women such as Ruth and Esther lived according to what they believed was God鈥檚 will, doing their best to love, learn, and lead. Modern daughters of God can do the same.

Love God and Others

When a crowd asked Jesus what the top commandment was, He told them they must love God with all their heart, soul, and mind. He added that the second most important commandment was to love others as they loved themselves. (Mark 12:30)

Daughters of God are called to love their Lord and to spread that love to others. Praying for others, assisting those in need, teaching children, and caring for the sick are all ways women might show love. Jesus encouraged His followers to do these types of things, but small daily acts of kindness are also important.

Some ways you can love others daily in little ways include:


路 Not just praying for them, but praying with them immediately in their time of need

路 Affirming others by noting when they do a good job, show kindness, or excel in some way

路 Buying someone a meal or beverage or making them a meal

路 Simply sitting quietly with a friend who is troubled

路 Giving your undivided attention to someone

Learn about Jesus

Regardless of age or level of scriptural knowledge a woman reaches, she can continue learning about Jesus. God hasn鈥檛 revealed everything to His people yet, and even the knowledge He has shared is so vast and personal that it always holds something new for those who look. By opening yourself to constant learning, you become a good example for others who might seek to know Jesus better because of your actions.

Some ways you can learn about Jesus include:

路 Reading the Scriptures

路 Studying texts written by Mormon scholars and theologians

路 Meeting with others for Bible study

路 Attending worship services

Lead Others

Women in the LDS Church are disciples of Jesus and are called to lead others to discipleship. That leadership may take place in family roles, within the Church, and in social and professional circles.
Wherever a daughter of God leads, she should strive to be like Jesus. That means:

路 Leading with integrity and honesty

路 Working hard for others, for herself, and to honor God

路 Teaching others so they can also succeed

路 Remembering to follow God鈥檚 will in her life, even if that means taking steps that don鈥檛 match her own plans

In the Bible, women started churches, raised the most important leaders and prophets, and saved entire nations. Today, women still have work to do for God, and understanding your role as a daughter of God is the first step to starting that job.

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