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Good morning! I love my family! Annnnd as my kiddos have gotten older (Why do they do that?!), family pictures have become more and more important. I love displaying family pictures in our home, so I can see their beautiful faces every day. 🙂 My oldest son got married about a year & a half ago & is going to school in Idaho with his sweet wife, and this past year my oldest daughter got married and had TWINS! They live in California. So with both of them so far away, this Christmas I made sure to get a family picture while we where all together. Today I’d love to share some tips on decorating with family pictures & how to get that perfect picture that captures your family’s fun personality. Annnnnd I have a discount code for Photowall that you can use to snag a huge framed canvas print for your home. Let’s get started. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite tips when trying to capture a fun family photo.

1. Take your own pictures! I used a tripod & my digital camera to capture this picture. Most cameras have a self timer mode. Just set it, run to get in the shot & let the camera do it’s thing. 😉

2. Find a fun background. When I take pictures of my family, I try to find a fun background that’s not too terribly busy. Our front porch made the perfect background for this photo. It is colorful and the steps provided the perfect place for all of us to sit. You can also find old buildings, grassy fields & other fun places to snap a picture of your family.

3. Take a ton of photos. I take a lot of pictures when I’m snapping pictures of my family. The more the better! You never know which one will turn out perfectly. You’ll also get a ton of funny candid shots in the process. haha!

4. Put your camera on the action mode. If you have a bunch of younger kiddos that are super wiggly, try using the action mode on my camera. Hopefully, you’ll get less blurry pictures that way. It’s worth a shot!

5. Edit your pictures. The lighting can be a little tricky sometimes. It’s best to use natural light and no flash when taking pictures. Also, try to avoid direct sunlight. Even with those tips, I’ll spend just a few seconds & do just a little bit of photo editing & cropping on my favorite shots. For this picture, I deepen the color just a little bit. Then I saved this photo to my computer.



6. Print your pictures! Don’t forget the most important part! Get those pictures printed out! 🙂 I love getting mine in large, canvas statement pieces. I sent my photo to Photowall, and in just a few days I had this huge hanging canvas up on our wall. I love it! 🙂 Their site is very easy to use. You simply upload your photo, pick what type of canvas you would like and they do the rest. 🙂

I love seeing pictures of my family all over my home. Having my photos developed into canvas prints is one of my favorite ways to display photos. My kiddos love seeing themselves life-size. haha! OK, some of them do! 😉 Buuuut I definitely love seeing my family all together everyday. 🙂

For the next month you can use the discount code gingersnapcrafts25 for a 25% discount on any product at Photowall. 🙂 You can use it on anything on their site. They also sell beautiful wallpaper by the way. Click the picture below to see how I updated my daughter’s room with some of their wallpaper. 🙂

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