dinosaur birthday cake {tutorial}

Each one of my three boys
have at one time in their lives
been obsessed with dinosaurs!  {{{Roar!}}}
So each of them has had a version of
this {cute & easy} dinosaur birthday cake!

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My baby boy turned two in
August annnnd I’m just now getting
around to posting his dinosaur cake!
(Better late than never I guess!  Winking smile)

You’ll need:
1 round cake
vanilla icing
food coloring
gum drops
chocolate chips
red hots
snack cakes


You’ll cut the round cake in two,
and then “glue” the two halves together with icing.
Sit it up on the cut ends on your cake platter.


Then use your snack cakes for the head, feet & tail.
I just cut them different links.  The tail is the longest.
The feet are the shortest and the head is somewhere in the middle.
You can use toothpicks & icing to stabilize your dinosaur.

Then ice your dinosaur.  I made ours green with the food coloring.
I used a fork to make lines in our cake to give it some texture.

Then decorate your dinosaur with gumdrops, red hots & chocolate chips.


Oh…isn’t he a cute dinosaur???
Love that happy face! Smile

Add some candles & you’ve got the perfect birthday cake!

Do you have any fun birthday traditions??

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