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Hello there! It’s spring! Yay! My daughter has been begging my husband & I all winter long for a new bunny hutch for her rabbit, Taylor. Annnnnd the weather has finally warmed up enough to make that happen. It’s no fun to shingle a roof in the winter. ha! Let me show you how simple this DIY Bunny Hutch was to make. 🙂

DIY Bunny Hutch at #DIY #bunnies

bunny hutch designs

You might of notice something a little special about this bunny hutch. That roof! 🙂 Have you ever installed your own roofing? We have, & it’s an amazingly easy & straightforward DIY project to tackle. If we can do it, you can, too! We used GAF Roofing in our last big roofing project, so we knew for this smaller project that we would definitely use it again.

Before starting the roof for our bunny hutch, we assembled the cage area. I’m not going to go into too much detail into that. Basically, we found a picture of one we liked online & made ours very similar. My husband is amazing at building things from a picture. He has some skills. 😉 I’m a lucky gal! We got it to a point where it was time to do some roofing.

Before you start any roofing project be sure to measure before you shop! You’ll thank me later! ha! You’ll need the area of the roof. (See that math from grade school is coming in handy after all. ha!) So before we headed out to Lowe’s to pick up our roofing supplies that is exactly what we did. We figured out that we would only need one package of Timberline® Natural Shadow® Shingles for this project. By the way, Timberline® is the best selling shingle in North America. They look amazing & are extremely durable. They are always my go-to for any roofing project.


For this project you will need:

First, you will roll the FeltBuster® onto your roof surface. If it’s windy this might be a two person job. 😉

roofing with GAF

Use the 1” round plastic cap roofing nails to hold it in place.

roofing tutorial 2

Add a metal drip edge along the edges. This will help keep water out & help increase wind resistance. If you notice, on the eaves we have the metal strip on the outside of the FeltBuster® and along the bottom edge it’s underneath.

roofing tutorial 3

Next, it’s time to break out those Timberline® shingles!

roofing shingles

Since this is a smaller project we didn’t start with a starter strip, we just reversed the Timberline® shingles like below. Nail into place using the 1 ¼” galvanized steel roofing nails and a hammer.

roofing 5

You basically just overlap the Timberline® shingles as you move up the roof. Trim the shingles as you need to with a utility knife. Nail them into place as you go. Make sure all your nails are covered by an overlapping shingle. Remember to wear gloves & eye protection. Safety first!

roofing 6

Once you have both sides roofed, it’s time for the TimberTex® Ridge Cap Shingles for the ridge.

roofing shingles from Lowes

Place those using the 1 ¼” galvanized steel roofing nails as well.

roofing GAF

All done! I told you it was easy! Are you ready to tackle your first roofing project yet? I hope so!

bunny hutch roof DIY

bunny hutch roof

Taylor was ready to move right in! ha! He couldn’t wait for us to move it to the backyard. 🙂 I love the barn door, and did you notice our little strawberry patch window box? Taylor loves strawberries. Now he’ll have his own little strawberry patch. 🙂

bunny hutch DIY

bunnies eat strawberries

bunny hutch tips

bunny hutch window box

bunny hutch with lots of room

bunny hutch for your rabbit

bunny hutch door

I think Taylor gives it a thumbs up! Well, if he had thumbs. haha!

bunny cage

Just because roofing is usually done by contractors doesn’t mean you can’t tackle a roof or two yourself. You can do it! It’s easy! 🙂 Can you think of a backyard project you’d like to tackle at your house? Remember when you use GAF roofing supplies in your backyard it will not only look amazing, but it will last an extremely long time, too. You can find everything I used for our Bunny Hutch project at Lowe’s.


If you would like some information about GAF’s warranty click here. Be sure to look for more do-it-yourself backyard roofing projects right here. Then let me know you favorite project in the comment below. What will your next project be? I’d love to hear that, too! 🙂

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DIY Bunny Hutch at #DIY #bunnies

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