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Good morning! Well, today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me! ha! 🙂 Sooooooooooo, I thought it was a great time to show you how to make your own DIY Light Box Letters. From celebrating birthdays, seasons & holidays, making your own light box letters is the perfect way to show a little personality & fun. Plus it is so easy to do! I’m also sharing how I keep my light box powered up with RAYOVAC® HIGH ENERGY™ batteries. Let’s get started!

DIY Light Box Letters at #lightbox #DIY

happy birthday light box at

I picked up this mini light box at my local craft store, and I knew I could fancy it up a bit. 😉

light box letter tutorial

Buuuut first you are going to need to power your light box for the full effect. 😉 I have used RAYOVAC® batteries for years & years! These batteries last just as long as other batteries & at a lower price, too. You know what they say, “RAYOVAC®, the one thing that’s a sure thing!” So, before you start your project pick up some batteries!

rayovac batteries

RAYOVAC® HIGH ENERGY™ batteries and the RAYOVAC ® Recharge batteries are both great choices to use in your light box. (I’m not going to lie! I bough the rechargeable batteries for our remotes! I know my family will love me even more now! ha!) Both of these types of batteries are guaranteed to provide long lasting power to high use devices (like my light box, flashlights, toys & more). Annnnd just as a side note, these batteries can be stored for up to 10 years*. So, they are great to keep in your emergency storage or 72 hour kits, too! *5 years for 9V

Alright, let me show you how I made my own Light Box Letters. 🙂

You will need a few supplies:
transparency sheets
glitter vinyl
transfer tape (strong grip tape if using glitter vinyl)
digital craft cutter
Light Box Studio Cut Files
mini light box
paper trimmer

First, you will cut your transparency sheets into 2 sizes. I used my digital craft cutter to do this. If you have one of these machines, I linked to the file in the supply list above so you can use it, too. If you don’t own a digital craft cutter, you could also use a paper trimmer to do this. It will take a little bit more time, but that is totally doable! 🙂

make your own light box letters

After you have your transparency paper cut, you will cut out designs and letters with your digital craft cutter to fit your transparency cut outs. You could also use stickers. Let me show you how I made a cute black cat for my light box. First, I cut out a cat vinyl decal that fit my mini light box. Then I laid 4 long transparency pieces on top.

light box cat

I marked where each one was suppose to be with a pen.

lightbox cat 1

Then I used a paper trimmer to cut my cat into four pieces.

light box cat 2

light box cat 5

Since this was glitter vinyl, I had to use the strong grip transfer tape on top.

light box cat 6

Then you’ll remove the white backing paper & apply the vinyl to each strip of transparency.

light box cat 7

Then you’ll slide each strip into your mini light box. Cute, right? It just needs a little light! 🙂

light box cat 8

To make the individual letters you will basically do the same thing. Apply your vinyl letters to each one!

light box letters

I love making my own light box letters because you can use different colors, add fun glitter vinyl & use your own designs! You can also make you own unique sayings, use your favorite fonts & get as creative as you’d like! 🙂 I love this “Don’t forget to be awesome.” quote. I used glitter vinyl on the word awesome.

light box quote

You could also make custom signs for all the seasons. “Every year I fall for you!” is one of my favorite fall sayings.

light box for fall

Annnnnd this glittery “Happy, happy birthday to you!” sign is so fun! You could also make a sign with custom colors to match your party décor.

happy birthday light box

Now all you need to do is stick in the RAYOVAC® batteries, & your light box will be ready to go!


Another fun note, RAYOVAC® batteries have been powering America since 1906. Wow! Annnnd they are all made in the USA in Fennimore, WI*. *Except 9V

high energy batteries

Here’s the black cat light box all lit up! I love it!

DIY light box cat at

What would your light box say? 🙂

happy birthday light box at

Be sure to check out the battery center at Walmart, that is where I always buy my RAYOVAC® Batteries. 🙂
You can grab a coupon HERE. You can get cash back HERE.

rayovac battery center at Walmart

What can RAYOVAC® power in your life? Any craft projects? Let me know in the comments below!
Also, be sure to pin this post for later! I know you’ll want to make your own light box letters, too! 🙂

DIY Light Box Letters at #lightbox #DIY

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