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Good morning! How was your weekend? Ours was good….we were busy packing up. This week is vacation time! Wahoo! Before we leave I wanted to pop in & share this cute baby tutorial with you. My youngest is almost 6! Ugh! Buuuut luckily I am also the oldest of 6 sisters. One my younger sisters just had a baby girl a few months ago. So I was excited to make these adorable DIY Mary Jane shoes for her little tiny feet with some craft supplies I already had on hand. So keep reading to see how I did it. 🙂

DIY Mary Janes Baby Shoes #felt #baby


For this project you’ll need:

  • canvas baby shoes (I found these on clearance at Hobby Lobby forever ago!)
  • felt
  • brads
  • bow die
  • die cutter
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • tie dye
  • ziploc bag
  • rubber gloves

dying baby shoes #shoes

Each summer my kiddos go crazy with the tie dye. They even tied dyed their socks! ha! I had a few bottles left over so I grabbed one to use for this project. You just mix the dye with warm water & then squirt it onto your fabric.

how to dye baby shoes
I used my glove covered hand to spread the dye around so it would get in every nook & cranny of my shoe. *Be sure to cover your work area with a plastic bag. This part can get a little bit messy! Annnd if you notice my fingers were not totally protected! ha! I was purple for a little while. Oh! It’s just the price we pay to be crafty! 🙂


After the shoes were completely covered & very purple I put them inside a ziploc bag & sealed it shut. You’ll want to keep them inside this bag for at least 8 hours. I left mine in overnight. This gives the dye time to really soak in & set. After that I threw them in the washing machine (all by themselves!) & washed them on a gentle cycle. Then I let them air dry completely. The last thing I did was glue on a cute felt bow I made with my die cutter.


Aren’t they cute? I love how you could customize these to any color scheme. Of course, purple is the perfect color for a little girl! 🙂 Have you ever tried to dye shoes before? How did it turn out? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below. 🙂

Make Your Own DIY Mary Janes

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