DIY Ornament Display Tree {tutorial}

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Hello! Happy Friday! A few months ago I was in charge of our church’s craft night, & the lady I was working with stumbled upon this DIY Ornament Display Tree. You’ll have to check out that tutorial. They made two different size trees (a large & a small), & they have very detailed instructions. I made a few tweaks to make one of my own with some scrap wood in our garage. So let’s get started, & I’ll show you how I made one so you can, too!


6 ft 1×4

6 ft 1×2
nail gun & nails

wood glue
picture frame wire
wire cutters
needle nose pliers
miter saw
table saw
drill & small drill bit
sander & sand paper
paint & paint brush

You’ll need the 1×2 cut into the following lengths: 23 3/4 inch, 22 1/2 inch & 17 1/2 inch.
You’ll also need a 1×4 cut into a 9 inch base. 
FYI: You’ll have extra wood! Just save it for another project or another Christmas tree. 🙂
The important part is how you angle the end cuts so your pieces will fit together.
The 23 3/4 piece should have a 50° cut on one end & a 20° on other end. The 22 1/2 piece should have a 50° cut on one end & a 20° cut on other end, and finally the 17 1/2 piece should have a 20° cut on both ends. The base piece should just have straight cuts on both ends. Sand pieces as needed.
Then I used a nail gun & a little bit of wood glue to assemble my tree. This is how my tree will looked assembled. Next, I painted my tree. I used Butter Cream acrylic paint from DecoArt.
Next using a small drill bit drill holes on each side of your tree. Make sure they match up to a hole on the other side. I had 5 sets of holes.
Next I got the picture hanging wire, needle nose pliers & wire cutters.

I threaded the wire through the holes, cut them & then twisted them with the needle nose pliers. I then tapped them in gently with a hammer.
Then all I had left to do was hang my ornaments!
What are your plans this weekend? Any simple DIY projects?
I’m on my way to see my sister. She has a baby due on Monday. Yay!
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