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Hello! As you know I have 5 kiddos! Annnnd we don’t need much reason to celebrate or throw a party! ha! My kiddos love it when I throw an impromptu party. I love to do this in the morning & surprise them. Especially when you can find all kinds of reasons to celebrate breakfast ~ National Cereal Day, Waffle Day & of course, our favorite ~ National Donut Day! Eek! It’s also a good way to get them out of bed. 😉 So today I’d love share some easy Donut Party Ideas with you! So let’s get started. 🙂

Donut Party Ideas at #donut #partyideas

Huggies Clutch 'n' Clean

Many words can be used to describe having 5 kiddos! 😉 Some of the top ones are fun, loud & messy! ha! Yes, kiddos can be a little bit messy! That is why we always have Huggies® Wipes on hand when we attempt to start a craft or DIY project, for road trips & trips to the park. Annnd when I’m throwing a party I make sure that I have plenty of Huggies® Wipes on hand.

donut party

Donut parties are some of the simplest parties to throw together. They are perfect for breakfast brunches, baby showers, birthdays, teacher appreciation or just because you’ve got a craving for donuts! So first I stopped by my local donut shop & picked up a bunch of donuts. Yum! Then I set the donuts all out on white platters. A big jug of cold milk is a must a donut party, too.

donuts for party food

Party Tip >>>> To make things more festive just add sprinkles! 😉

party ideas

simple party ideas

Now let me share some fun donut inspired activities to go along with the party! Be sure to grab the Huggies® Wipes. You are going to need them in just a second! ha!


My kiddos always have fun decorating their own donuts. Can you say sugar high? 😉 All in moderation, right? We only celebrate National Donut Day once a year! So it’s OK. 🙂 I set up a donut decorating station with tons of sprinkles & icing. Then I let the kiddos decorate their donut anyway they’d like.

donut decorating

kids party ideas

After they eat their messy donut, it’s time to clean up with Huggies® Wipes! 😉


Huggies Wipes

Another fun idea is the donut on a string game. You simply tie a donut from a door frame with some twine. The object of the game is to put your hands behind your back while you try & eat the donut. It is soooo fun to watch! ha! It does get a little bit messy….so cue the Huggies® Wipes again.


My kiddos are obsessed with tic tac toe. I have no idea why! ha! Buuuut we play it all the time! So of course, we had to play a little bit of Donut Tic Tac Toe while we ate our donuts. You can print out your own tic tac toe set right {HERE}.

donut tic tac toe game printable

Have you ever hosted a donut party? What are some of your ideas?
I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below. 🙂


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Donut Party Ideas at #donut #partyideas

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