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Good morning! It’s the weekend! Yay! I know many of you are getting ready for the holidays. Annnnd for me part of getting ready for the holidays means busting out a few last minute home projects before the guest arrive! ha! This week I’ve been painting trim, working on some outdoor projects and just last week we finished up in my daughter’s room with one last final touch ~ wallpaper! 🙂 I love the wallpaper trend, and I hope it sticks around for a long time! Pun intended. 🙂 Let me show you how easy it was transform my daughter’s room with wallpaper from Photowall.

My oldest daughter headed off to college this fall. So, my youngest daughter decided she wanted to switch beds with her. One thing led to another, and we ended up doing an entire room redo! ha! It’s funny how those things happen. I’ll have to tell you the story later of how we got one of the beds stuck in the hallway during all our room switching around! It’s was pretty funny! Anyways, we were thinking that it would be fun to add a fun brick accent wall behind my daughter’s bed. Annnnnd I love how it turned out. I should say WE love how it turned out. This faux brick wall just adds so much to her bedroom. It almost gives it a modern loft feel.

Photowall has so many wallpaper designs on their site. We looked at every single one, I think! Annnnd when we finally narrowed it down to brick, we went with this white brick print. I liked the white, so it wouldn’t be too overpowering. It really provides a nice texture and fun visual feel to the room. Ordering from Photowall was simple and easy. Annnnd I was so surprised at how fast my Photowall package arrived at our house. If you want to do a makeover in time for the holiday, hurry though! You’ll need to order before Dec. 16th to get it in time for Christmas. Wouldn’t a room makeover make a fun gift? 🙂

When you place your order, I would totally grab one of the installation kits. It has every tool you could think of to make hanging your wallpaper a success! Also, by the way, the wallpaper glue is included with your wallpaper order. Once your package arrives, you are good to go!

I know a lot of people are using the peel and stick wallpaper. I have found that applying wallpaper the “old fashioned way” is the way to go! I’ve tried the peel and stick and it eventually started peeling off. I ended up taking it all down. So annoying! This wallpaper will stay in place until you want to remove it or change it up. I highly recommend going this route. 🙂

First, you will mix the glue up using warm water and a large bucket. The glue is soap and water clean up. So, no worries about making a huge mess. I dripped a little bit on the carpet, and it cleaned right up.

Each section of wallpaper was numbered. It was so easy to hang. You just brush your glue on the wall. Smooth your wallpaper in place. Start from the top down as you smooth out any bubbles using the tools provided. Easy peasy! It was very easy to reposition as well. Just make sure you do that before the glue dries. Also, take care not to get any glue on the front side of your wallpaper. If you do, gently rub it off with a damp rag, and you should be fine. The most helpful little tool was this one! You use it along the seams to get a nice seal. It did a great job!

I really love how it all turned out. It was a quick and easy install. It took us just one afternoon. The clean up was minimal, and the results were fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about Photowall wallpaper. My daughter is in love with her new, more grown up room. 🙂

Do you have a room that just *needs* some wallpaper? Which design would you chose? 🙂

Check out for Photowall for more than just wallpaper. They also offer wall murals, canvas prints & posters.

Have you tried wallpaper before???? Let me know. 🙂

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