cute & easy way to hem a skirt {tutorial}

how to hem a skirt
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Remember a few weeks ago I posted my easy spring dress.
I bought a ton more fabric than I needed.
So I used the extra to make an easy skirt.

easy skirt 1

I just cut a little off the top, folded it down & added an elastic waistband.
I hemmed around the bottom, and that was it.  I thought I was done. Winking smile

easy skirt 4

Pretty cute!  (Annnd my model is adorable!) Winking smile

easy skirt

Then a couple of days later I went to pick up
my oldest daughter from activity days.
(They were making skirts!)
My good friend, Aimee showed me
how they were hemming their skirts. 
It was pure genius! 
So may so-so skirt went from OK to wow!!! 
{It was soooooooooooo easy, too! Smile}

hem skirt tutorial

All you have to do is cut a ribbon a little longer than you think you’ll need.
Pin your ribbon to the wrong side of the fabric & then sew along the top edge.

how to hem a skirt 1  how to hem a skirt 2

Then you are going to fold your ribbon up to the right side of the fabric.
You can then iron it down so you have a nice clean edge.

how to hem a skirt 5

Make sure you pin your ribbon in place.  If you don’t the ribbon will gather as you sew-
you don’t want that to happen.  Then just sew along the top edge of the ribbon. 
That’s it!  So cute & easy!

how to hem a skirt 6  how to hem a skirt 7

Now that’s a cute skirt! Winking smile

hem skirt tutorial

So do YOU have any good sewing tips?

See YOU back here on Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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