fab friday {#3 a spot for everything}

Each Friday this month I’m counting down to my number one back to school help.

Today I’m sharing #3!!! Wahoo! 

Make sure you follow along so you can see what my #2

and finally my #1 back to school help will be in the next couple of weeks.

A spot for everything

is my #3 back to school help. 

{Actually it’s an all the time help!}

 Everything in our house has a spot or home. 

A place where it belongs. 

Not that everything is always in it’s spot

but when it comes time to clean up,

everyone knows where things go…where they belong. 

This makes clean up and keeping track of things so much easier.  

Here’s a few examples from around our house. 


Spot #1  Library Books

We have this little nook in our hallway that wasn’t used for anything.

So I found a basket from Target that fit it perfectly. 

Cut {library books} in some black vinyl & stuck it to the wall.  Easy!

Now our library books have a home & keeping track of them is a lot easier.



Spot  #2  Shoes

 Yes, with 7 people in the house we have LOTS of shoes! 

By the two main entry ways {front door & garage} we have a storage bench.

The bench in the garage holds the kid’s school shoes & tennis shoes. 

This bench by our front door holds our Sunday shoes.

I’ve got a big basket by the back patio door

that holds our million and one pairs of flip flops. 

{I’m not exaggerating! hehe}

I’ve also have this friendly reminder

to take off your shoes by the front door. 

{It works great with guest, too!}

When we come in the door our shoes go in a bench or a basket. 

It helps us control the clutter,

prevents dirt & germs from being brought in the house

& helps us keep track of all of our shoes!

IMG_0411   IMG_0408

 Spot  #3  Keys

 Anyone else always losing their keys??  {Oh good, I’m not the only one!}

Just added this on top of the washing machine

right by the back door…a little bucket for keys!  Yeah!

Searching for keys is NOT what you want to be doing on a school morning,

so this helps out a bunch!


Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday!

See you on Monday with some more fun back to school features from YOU!

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