Fab Friday {cupcake platter}

OK I admit it…some of my ideas aren’t mine!
I know, I know…I’m really not that creative!
That’s why I {love} looking at all of your amazing blogs
& finding super cute ideas that I can use.
Love this one from
the ladies over at
{Don’t you just love their blog?!}
Cupcakes are so popular right now,
and they came up with the
cutest way to display your cupcakes.
{Best of all, it’s cheap!}
You can see how they did it here.
To make mine.
I bought 3 different
size glass plates.
{You can find these
super cheap at
Walmart or Target.}

Then you need 2 or 3 sundae dishes.
{Those are equally as cheap!}

Stack them up!
Add cupcakes.
{Viola, fanciness!}
{I got my
Thanks, Hollye! 🙂
They were yummy!
Happy Friday, everyone!


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  2. Hi Ginger, Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love this project & I'd love to give it a try! And don't worry about the "copying" thing. With all the billions of people who have lived on the earth, is there really such a thing as a unique, original idea left anyway?!? What a great blog.

    Warmly, Michelle

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