fab friday {father’s day gift ideas x three}

I just realized this week that Father’s Day is literally right around the corner! Yikes!
So I’d did some searching online for some quick & easy Father’s Day gift ideas.
The first one comes from Robyn Bobbin Bo Bobbin
{or if you know her like I do you can just call her Robyn ;)}
She makes these cute, cute, cute Father’s Day cards.
Robyn makes & swaps these cards on whoopdwhoop!
Robyn had sent me some, but I needed one more.
Can you tell which one is the “knock off”? 🙂

You’ll need white cardstock, buttons, scrapbook paper,
glue, photo stickers, straight edge paper cutter & scissors.

You’ll fold your cardstock in half from top to bottom.
Then cut that in half.  You’ll be able to make two cards from one sheet.
About in inch down you’ll make two cuts in the paper about in inch long on each side.

You’ll fold those in to make the collar of your “shirt”.
I used one of Robyn’s ties to trace a tie on my scrapbook paper & then cut it out.

Stick the tie on under the collar then stick your collar down with some photo stickers.
Glue on your buttons on each side of your collar with some Elmer’s glue.
{There you go…so cute, simple & easy…plus it looks so fancy!}

Here’s Father’s Day gift idea #2!
This fun {& fReE} Father’s Day printable
found here at Delightfully Noted
{A fun new blog I just stumbled across.}
You’ll definitely have to go check out how she made hers
because she put the labels on vintage glass soda bottles.  {Very cool!}
I just used some soda cans & the labels fit perfectly. 🙂
{Wouldn’t Dad just love these on his favortie soda?}

You’ll need your print out from Delightfully Noted,
photo stickers, scissors & some ribbon. 
{I’m low on ink so mine printed blue & PINK…oops!} 
The labels are really a more dad friendly blue & orange. 😉
I just cut out the labels, & then I used my photo stickers to stick the labels on my cans.

I tied my ribbon around the top tab & then curled it.
That’s it!  So cute & easy.  The kiddos could definitely help out with this one. 🙂

Father’s Day gift idea #3
How about combining the two??
A {white shirt with tie} soda can label!
{How awesome is that??!!}
This fun {& FrEe} printable can
be found here at The Dating Divas.

{So what are you doing for dear old dad this year?}
Have a great weekend!

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