fab friday {Where do I get my vinyl?}

I’ve been asked a few times
So, where do you buy your vinyl?
I buy all my vinyl that I cut with my Silhouette at USCutter.  {Love them!}
You could use this vinyl with just about any vinyl cutter out there!
The vinyl that I use most is Oracal 631.
It works awesome!
It’s great for all of your indoor projects.
It has a nice matte finish & comes in a wide variety of colors.
I also used it on my front door, and so far so good.
{Love it!}
Welcome- door vinyl
The cast vinyl I use is called Oracal 751.
It comes in lots of fun colors, too.
Right now I only carry the white, but I’d love to try more colors.
This vinyl is awesome!  It’s the one that can be run through a dishwasher.
Set of Personalized Cups
I use HEXIS Chalkboard vinyl for all my chalkboard labels.
I love it because it is thick, works great & cuts super easy.
Chalkboard Labels: Circles (6)
Now at the fancy craft places
you’ll get vinyl cut in nice sheets for you.
But hey, I’m crafty,
& I’m pretty handy with a pair of scissors. 🙂
So I learned that if I buy it in bulk
& cut my own sheets I can save LOTS of money! Wahoo!
{And better yet make lots more stuff! Double Wahoo!}

I buy my vinyl in big rolls that are 24 inches by 10 yards.
{It will last for.ev.er.}
Then I just cut my sheets as I need them.
You’ve probably noticed {if you used Oracal vinyl before}
that the backing paper has a grid printed on the back.
So this makes it super easy to cut a straight line….no problems. 🙂
At USCutter you can buy a
24 inch by 10 yard roll of Oracal 631 for under $21{Wow!}

You’ve gotta love their flat shipping rate of
$9.99 on ground shipping to the 48 states, too.
{Double Wow!}
Go check them out!
{You’ll be glad you did!}
{Just so you know, I was not compensated for this post.   These are my honest opinions!
I really do love USCutter,  and IF they wanted to sponsor my blog
or let me sample some of their fabulous vinyl I’d be more than willing. 😉 hehe}
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Have a great weekend!

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