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Hello! Football season is upon us. Yay! Annnnd there is nothing better than an inspirational movie about football. Am I right? 😉 I just watched the most amazing movie ~ GREATER. It shares the Brandon Burlsworth story. Brandon was the greatest walk on football player in the history of college football. He went from walk on to an All American player by the end of his college career. Buuuut the best part of his story is what kind of person Brandon was. His story will make you laugh, cry & think about life & how you treat people & how one person can make a huge difference in someone’s life! It was ah-mazing! I was inspired by the Brandon Burlsworth movie to make these Football Inspired Mason Jars (with Brandon’s #77, of course!). I was also excited to share this movie with my own football player son. I know he can relate to the things that Brandon overcame in the movie. I also loved the role model Brandon was to everyone he met. Let’s talk football! 😉

football inspired mason jars at #football #masonjars

One of the things that stood out to me the most in the movie was how Brandon’s coaches reached out & helped him along the way. I loved when one of his early high school coaches told him how he chose to respond today could change everything. I know in sports (and in life) how we respond & react to things that happen to us can make a huge difference in how things work out. You can either turn a negative into a positive or the other way around. I loved how Brandon always fought through his challenges & overcame them all. 



I also loved how his college coach took him under his wing & helped guide him as he fought to loose weight & gain muscle. I know in my life I’ve had those mentors along the way that have reached out  to me & helped me. His coach let him be an official walk on & later helped him loose weight & build muscle. We can all be that person that helps some become GREATER.

Like I said earlier, I was so excited to share the Brandon Burlsworth story with my 8th grade football player. He has put everything he has into getting ready for this season. I think this was the perfect movie to get him pumped up for the season. It showed that things don’t always come easy. It takes tons of hard work, perseverance, faith, being at practice early & late & giving it 110%. Buuuuut when you do all of that success will come both on & off the field. Annnnd being successful isn’t the one that scores the most touchdowns, it’s the person that is good when no one is looking. Now that is what makes you GREATER.


Alright, let’s get to that GREATER inspired tutorial. During football season we host tons of after game parties at our house. It’s our thing! 🙂 We live right down the road from the football stadium, so after the high school football games the kids & their friends will walk down for root beer floats (or a hot chocolate bar when the weather gets cooler). So I decided to make these cute football inspired mason jars to hold spoons & straws for our next party.

mason jar football crafts

For this project you will need:
mason jars
chalky paint
paint brush
white buttons
hot glue & glue gun

football supplies

First, paint your mason jars different colors. Let dry.

football craft ideas

Add vinyl lettering. You can download the football tie cut file for your Silhouette {HERE}.

easy football crafts

The black vinyl on the referee jar is just strips of black vinyl cut with a paper trimmer.

mason jar football crafts

football party decor

I love how they turned out! So cute! They also hold a bunch & would also look cute on desk with pencils inside. 🙂

football party

Check out the Brandon Burlsworth movie trailer ~ GREATER below. Then find it in theaters on August 26th!


You can also find GREATER on facebook, twitter & instagram.
Let me know if you see this inspiring movie. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

football inspired mason jars at #football #masonjars

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