Hot Beverage Station + How to Clean a Coffee Maker

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Hello there! One of my must haves in my kitchen is a hot beverage station. We do not drink coffee, but we are addicted to hot chocolate. ha! Annnnd in the winter (or on a super cool summer night like we have been having here) a hot cup of apple cider is perfect. About once a month or so I like to clean our single serve brewer really well with affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner. It is amazing at getting out all of those hard water deposits & mineral build-up. Let me show you how! 🙂

hot beverage station at

beverage station

Before we get to the cleaning, let me tell you about my hot beverage station set up. You don’t need much to have a functional & cute spot in your kitchen for your hot beverages. I found this super cute 3 tin organizer on a recent trip to Texas. It worked perfect for this. I have one tin of hot cocoa cups & one tin of apple cider cups. The third one is for spoons. Right by the coffee maker I have a stack of cups. Easy peasy! I love that my kiddos (or guest) can just help themselves. Everything is right there in one spot. 🙂

You definitely want to make sure that each cup of cocoa or apple cider you brew is as quick and as tasty as the last. Right? You can make sure of that with affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner. affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner is a specialty cleaner designed just for your coffeemaker. This special cleaner is specially formulated to fight mineral buildup that can increase brewing time & affect the taste of your beverage. Annnnd each tablet is designed to descale your coffeemaker without a yucky vinegar odor. Yep, it cleans without the vinegar smell.

With affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner you won’t need to mix, measure or stir. Just drop and brew. It is also compatible with both multi-cup coffeemakers and single serve brewers like mine.  affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner is so easy to use. It’s simple. Drop and go. No measuring needed. Let me show you how!

hot beverage station 2

If you notice my brewer has a covered reservoir, so we will have to do it a little bit differently. If yours doesn’t have a covered reservoir, simply fill to the max with water & drop in a tablet.

hot beverage station 3a

If yours is covered (like mine), you’ll need to dissolve one tablet in a mug of warm water.

hot beverage station 3

In a few seconds it will be dissolved. It bubbles just a little bit (like the affresh disposal cleaner).

hot beverage station 4

Then pour it into the reservoir. Add a little bit more water until it’s at the max fill line.

hot beverage station 5

Turn the power on & run a brew cycle.

hot beverage station 6

Dump the water (see below) & then fill your reservoir again with water. Run the cycle a second time.

hot beverage station 7

Then fill the reservoir again with fresh water to max level. Run 2 additional brew cycles and then discard to rinse coffeemaker. 

hot beverage station 8

See, I told you it was easy. 😉 Now your hot beverage station is ready to serve some more!

hot beverage station

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Let me know your favorite hot beverage. How often do you clean your brewer?

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