How easy is it to upload my own images with Cricut®?

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Cricut Question Series at How easy is it to upload my own images with the Cricut

I hope you’ve been following along with my Cricut® question series. You can see question 1 here & question 2 here and question 3 here. Annnnnd now we move on to question 4 (which ties in nicely with question 3) ~ How easy is it to upload my own images with the Cricut? Fairly easy! It took me a little while to figure it out, but once I did I wanted to share what I learned with you. So here we go!

As most of you know, I’ve had a Silhouette for years. Annnnd I have a very, very large Silhouette library to go along with that! But never fear you can use most of these images with your Cricut. Let me show you how! First, open up your cut file in Silhouette Studio.

cut file

Fill your image in with black.


Then I just did a screen shot & pasted the image into Paint.


Crop & then save your new image to your computer.


Then I used Picmonkey to open my image. I adjusted to exposure & highlights as far as they could go.

let freedom ring cute file how to

You want a crisp black & white image to work with. Play around with it until you get if just right.

use this one let freedom ring cute file2

For the next part I followed the directions in this YouTube video. Please go watch it!
She explains it so much better than me! Here’s a very, very simplified version:

Upload your image into Cricut Design Space.

cricut trace1

Select & erase the background.

cricut trace3

Save as a cut file.

cricut trace4

You’ll know you saved it right when you see that little symbol after you open it. 🙂

cricut trace5

Size it & then send it to your Cricut to cut out.

cricut trace 6

You can see how I made my easy 4th of July sign right here.

4th of July

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