How to Apply Vinyl

Vinyl comes in 3 parts:
1. the backing paper (usually a thick white paper)
2. the vinyl
3. the transfer tape (usually clear)

How to Apply Vinyl:

{A picture tutorial is below.}
To begin you need to place your vinyl piece down on a flat surface, transfer tape side down. Gently rub on the back of the backing paper with your hand or a credit card.

Gently pull back a corner of the backing paper. The vinyl should adher to the transfer tape. Do this part slowly. If your letters are not coming off, simply place the backing paper back down & rub some more until your letter easily come off onto the transfer tape.

Once your letters are on the transfer tape you are ready to apply your vinyl to the surface you want it to go. (Vinyl sticks well to any smooth surface like walls, glass, tile or plastic. If your walls are heavily textured you may have a little trouble.) Whatever surface you are applying your vinyl to make sure it is clean, dust-free and dry. This will help your vinyl go on smoother and easier!

Place your vinyl onto the surface you would like to apply it to vinyl side down. Gently rub on the back of the transfer tape with your hand or a credit card. Peel the transfer tape slowly back. Your letters should stick to the wall (or whatever you are applying them to). If they do not, simply lay your transfer tape back down and rub some more. Try again. Remember take your time, go slow & your vinyl will look awesome! 🙂  TIP: When working with cast vinyl leave the transfer tape on for 10-15 minutes before you remove it.  The vinyl tends to stick better that way. (Cast vinyl is what I use for the dishwasher safe labels in my etsy shop.)