How to Make a Custom Stamp with a Silhouette Mint

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Hello! Hello! You know how much I love all things crafty, & how much I love getting my hands on new products ~ just to try them out. It’s almost better than Christmas morning! ha! Well, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the all new Silhouette Mint! I snagged a good deal on a Mint not too long ago on Amazon, & then when Black Friday rolled around I grabbed a bunch of stamp kits & supplies from Silhouette. All of this fun stuff has just been sitting in my new craft cabinet calling my name! Annnnd I was super excited last week when I had some time to sit down & play with my new Mint. (Thank you, snow days!) So keep reading to see how to make a custom stamp with a Silhouette Mint. It’s so easy, & I *think* you are going to love the new Mint as much as I do. Let’s get started! 🙂

How to Make a Custom Stamp with a Silhouette Mint at #stampallthings #silhouettemint

Silhouette Mint

The Silhouette Mint has it’s very own software. You can download it right {HERE}. It is super user friendly, and I was up & running in just a few minutes. Yay! First, you will select what size stamp you will be making. You can find stamp kits in several different sizes. The size stamp I’m making is the 45mm x 90 mm (the largest). So I clicked on that size, & now my design area matches that size exactly.


Then (similar to the Silhouette Design Studio) you can open up your library. The Mint comes with 50 designs, & you can add to your collection through the Silhouette online store. Designs start at just 99 cents! Tip: You can also use any font on your computer to make a completely custom stamp! Eek! I chose this love, love, love stamp.


You can then size, stretch & adjust the design to fit your stamp.


Next, click send to Mint. Your software will automatically mirror your image. So you don’t even have to worry about remembering to do that! Tip: Click start Mint before inserting your stamp sheet. I kept trying to stick my stamp sheet into the machine first. It doesn’t work that way! Click start Mint, & then it will tell you when to slide your stamp sheet inside.

mint software

Before we go too far ~ here’s a little peek inside a stamp kit!


Each kit comes with a stamp sheet, stamp base, stamp mount & 2 stickers.


Let’s get back to making our stamp. First, you’ll click start Mint, then it will tell you to insert the stamp sheet in the back of the Mint. It has a little arrow letting you know what direction to slide it in. Once you slide it into the slot, sit back & let your Mint do it’s thing! 🙂 I made a little video to give you an idea of how it sounds & works.

Your new stamp will slide right out the front slot of your Mint. Eek! So exciting!

silhouette mint tutorial

This is what it will look like fresh out of your Mint.

make your own stamps

You’ll then tear off the bottom part.

how to make a stamp

Then remove the thin plastic covering.

stamping tips

Now pull out the black stamp sheet.

make your own stamps with a Silhouette Mint

Next, you’ll peel back the backing on your stamp mount revealing the sticky part.

stamp block

Stick your black stamp sheet right on top. Press down gently.

love stamp

Your Mint comes with 4 bottles of ink ~ black, red, blue & yellow. You can also order tons more ink colors right {HERE}. You’ll squirt your ink onto your stamp sheet & then let it absorb for a few minutes. TIP: This in entirely TOO much ink! Don’t do what I did! ha! I think a wasted about half a bottle. You don’t need this much. 🙂 Tip: Each inking will do approximately 50 stamp impressions. Then you can simply reapply your ink again, & you are all set!


Remove the excess ink by stamping on a scrap piece of paper. Once your stamp is stamping clear images you are ready to start creating! I made these cute hang tags.

love love love stamp

I made these cute tags to hang on these Valentine’s Day jars. Pretty cute, huh? 😉

valentine gift idea

I can’t wait to make more custom stamps! Eek!
What woud you create with your Mint? Do you have any questions?
Leave them in the comments below. Happy Stamping! 🙂

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How to Make a Custom Stamp with a Silhouette Mint at #stampallthings #silhouettemint

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