how to make giant bubbles {tutorial}

giant bubbles tutorial

This week has been crazy! 
We are leaving to go out of town in less than two weeks,
so I’ve tried to cram 3 weeks of blogging into one…
so next week I can concentrate on packing
& then the next I can just relax & enjoy our vacation.

My kiddos have been great helpers & even helped out on a few projects.
They are awesome!  So I promised them a fun summer party at the end of the week!

One of the things we did at our party was make giant bubbles.
We had so much fun I thought I’d share how we made our giant bubbles.
It was so easy….and the kiddos had a blast making them!

giant bubble supplies

Bubble recipe

Mix: 4 cups water, 1 cup baby shampoo, 1/4 cup corn syrup

I got this recipe from Make & Takes.  The only thing I changed was that I used baby shampoo instead of dish soap.  {I didn’t want the kiddos getting soap in their eyes.}

bubble wand

To make your bubble wand:
1. You’ll need string (about 18 inches or so) & two straws.
I found the string in the hardware department at Walmart.
2.  Thread your string through both straws.
3. Tie a knot.
4. Slip your knot inside one of the straws.
5.  There you go!  A giant bubble wand.

giant bubbles make your own

Now it’s time to have some FUN!!!

bubble maker

We went in the front yard to make our bubbles. 

giant bubbles tutorial 1

Soon we had all the neighborhood kids joining in!

giant bubbles3

We really had a great time!

giant bubbles

Thank you so much stopping by my blog!
If this is your first time visiting I’d love to keep in touch.




  1. Great idea! I'll be doing this with my daughter soon. Yay!

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog. What a FUN idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome! Cant wait to try it!

  4. We did this a few years ago for my son's bday party. Using a small inflatable kiddie pool and a hula hoop, you can make GIANT bubbles that the kids can stand inside (Have the child stand in the center of the pool and have others slowly lift the hula hoop up around them). Great photos and fun!

  5. That looks like a lot of fun! Pinning it!

  6. Love this! Here in Costa Rica the vendors in the park sometimes try to make a few cents by selling bubble soap to kids. This would really do them good to know how to make these. Looks like great fun!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Awesome cheaper way to do this; I've been researching it for a class setting and I love your use of straws!

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