How to Survive a Family Road Trip #showusyourmess

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Hello! Happy Monday! I hope it’s a good one for you. 🙂 If you follow me on instagram you know that last week at this time we were just rolling in from a 10 day, 11 state road trip! Eek! Annnnd guess what? We survived! ha! 😉 So today I’m excited to share some of my favorite tips on how to survive a family road trip, & how to have a little fun along the way, too! Plus I’m going to show you how taking some Wet-Nap hand wipes with you can really help cut down on messes that can make a trip not so fun! So keep reading! (Oh & I’ll have a coupon for you, too!) 🙂

How to Survive a Family Road Trip with a Smile ) at #showusyourmess #pmedia #ad

wet nap hand wipes

1. Make sure you pack lots of Wet-Nap hand wipes!

Wet-Nap hand wipes really came in “handy” on our trip! ha! 😉 Before we left I made one final trip to Walmart to get those last minute essentials. Wet-Nap hand wipes were definitely on the top of the list! If you haven’t tried Wet-Nap hand wipes in awhile you’ll be happy to know that now they are softer & stronger than before plus they moisturize with aloe (which is super nice!). One our first stops along the way was to a huge zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. We used the Wet-Nap wipes more than a few times….. 😉


We used them after the dinosaur dig…..

#showusyourmess #pmedia

& most we most definitely used them after the petting zoo! ha! 😉

Along the way we came up with the phrase “Wet-Nap Stat!”. ha! 😉
We someone said this in the car, we knew to pass back the Wet-Nap wipes.

2. Have a plan, but be flexible!

I LOVE to have a plan! 🙂 Especially when we are trying to fit as much in as we can into a road trip. As I always say,  “We want to get our money’s worth!” Buuuuut sometimes it’s fun to do something spontaneous like stop on the side of the road in Montana & take jumping pictures. It was so beautiful there, and I’m glad we stopped to enjoy it for a little while. We also took a little detour into Badlands National Park. It was amazing! So my advice is to have a plan, but make sure you fit a little wiggle room & down time in there, too. 🙂

family vacation with wet nap

Annnnd right after the picture above was taken, my 4 year old decided to be spontaneous! He drew a big blue mustache on his face with a marker! You can see it faintly in the picture below. Thank goodness we had some Wet-Nap wipes to take that off! Silly kid! 😉

cleaning up messy kidsfamily vacation tipsfamily vacation travel tips

3. Make sure you pack a picnic & bring lots of healthy snacks with you.

On our trip we packed in a lot of food, & we had lots of picnics. This saved a bunch of money, plus picnics are tons of fun! 🙂 Every time we stopped for a picnic the Wet-Nap wipes would come out! They are a super easy way to clean your hands before you eat. 🙂 I also packed a lot of healthy snacks for the car ride ~ dried fruit, oranges, apples, bananas, nuts, granola bars, juice boxes, bottled water & fruit snacks. Sometimes it’s easy to load up on junk food on vacation, but everyone feels better & has more fun when they are eating healthier. 🙂

wet nap before dinnerkids on vacationmessy girlhow to survive a family road trip with wet nap

4. Let your kiddos take the lead, sometimes. 😉

Like I said before I’m a planner which makes it hard for me to give up some control sometimes! I’m working on that! 😉 I did let my kiddos take the lead on some of the outings on our vacation, and guess what? We had a blast! My 11 year old wanted to climb to the top of Y Mountain in Utah. I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it! ha! Buuuut we did! You can see proof {HERE}. 😉 That was one of the highlights of our trips! We will remember that forever! It was so hard & amazing all at once! 😉 I also let my kiddos take the lead & play “throw the buffalo chip”! Ewwww! Boys are gross! ha! Yes, the Wet-Nap hand wipes came out in full force after that one! 😉

messy kidsmessy boys 

5. Be prepared for the unexpected!

You can never expect for every detail to go perfectly! That’s life! So be prepared for the unexpected! We ended up having car trouble up on the tip top of a mountain in Wyoming! Scary! Thank goodness my hubby had brought a few tools & some electrical tape. We were able to tape up a leak in our radiator hose. So we were able to make it back down the mountain to civilization & get a new hose. (Yes, a Wet-Nap wipe comes in handy after you’ve been working on a car, too!) We also got lost in Salt Lake City’s transit system! You can tell we are from a small town! ha! We made a quick call to my sister (who use to live there), & we were on our way. 🙂 Try to go with the flow when challenges come up, and just remember you’ll remember these family times forever! You’re making memories even if they are a little wild & messy. ha! 🙂

tips for a successful family vacation with wet napwet napfamily road trip with wet nap

Do you have any road trip tips that work for your family? I’d love to hear! 🙂

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How to Survive a Family Road Trip with a Smile ) at #showusyourmess #pmedia #ad

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