I remember
where I was that September day.
We were living near Houston, Texas at the time.
The kiddos were watching TV….I think Sesame Street was on.
My son, Zach, was 4, and my daughter, Cailey was almost 8 month old.
My sister, Amber called me & told me to turn on the news
that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center.
I turned on Good Morning America
before the second plane hit the tower.
I was in shock.
When I first turned on the TV & only one tower had been hit,
my first thought was that it was a horrible accident,
but when the second plane hit I knew it was no accident.
My husband, Clay was in downtown Houston taking a test for work,
& I couldn’t get in touch of him for a couple of hours.
It was scary.
We didn’t live too far from
Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.
So, me and kids set on the front porch
& watched all the planes one after the other
head back to airport.
It was a surreal day
…one I will never forget.
I loved how our country came together as one that day.
Loved how the flags were flying all over our great nation in the weeks that followed.
{ picture from here}
Thank you to all the men & women who are fighting
so hard to keep our country safe today.
God Bless America.

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